Monday, May 25, 2015

War Is Over, unless you get killed there

I had no idea.  During Obama's obligatory, and highly bizarre, Memorial Day speech (complete with those annoying whistling S's) he disclosed that the war in Afghanistan is over.

Who knew?  He implied we aren't at war anywhere.  I didn't know.  Of course the trainers and advisors there, who are soldiers, but not there at war because the war is over, occasionally buy the farm.   It must fall somewhere between "died in action" and oops, wrong place at wrong time.  Obama picked one out by name for a posthumous shout out, but I am unclear on the technical specifics; war is over but soldiers getting killed where the war used to be.

The phoniness surrounding this government and this holiday is truly nauseating.  "Few know what it’s like to take a bullet for a buddy, or to live with the fact that he or she took one for you," says the big O.   Are you kidding me?   Let's throw some salt in the wounds of the living.

Let's see, if I took a bullet for a buddy, chances are I'd be dead.  I'd know what it was like to take the bullet for a buddy, and what it is like to be dead.  What a screwy thing to say.  He doesn't know what it is like to be in the military.  These phony events are so wrought with half truth, total pretense at caring or concern, opportunistic photo ops and sound bites, unthinking bandwagon language.  Drunks.  

Still, I am so happy the war in Afghanistan is over.  Who won?  

Somehow, 90% of everyone I have heard use the term, "ultimate sacrifice" strikes me as a self serving phony.  Probably because they are.

A Harbinger of Doom, Probably Predicted in the Bible

The market being targeted by Dodge ads is disturbing for a couple of reasons.  First, it is sad that such a demographic even exists; the dumb and ignorant who don't realize they are dimwits.  Secondly, the proud and violent nature of these dolts, as glorified in the ads.

A monkey and a guy that looks like a retro fifties greaser pull a guy out of his Dodge for eating a croissant--a fancy pastry.  They throw him across the hood and handcuff his hands behind his back.  Ad is clearly targeting nitwits.

Once again, I say to Dodge, "Why?  Are you serious?  Marketing to wannabe rednecks and copies of video game characters is really that profitable?"

I can tell you it works.  Your demographic has a certain style, if you will, of driving.  Kind of an ignoramus with an attitude gone wild behind the wheel sort of vibe.  Guts glory yikes

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