Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's True, and What's What? In Short: WTF???

Perhaps I'm one of those conspiracy theorists. Except, I have no definite theories in that realm. Experience tells me that battles fought on the public stage may very well not be as they seem, but that is just fact, not theory. Knowing the truth of one or two such issues which pitted one interest against another with Congress playing watchdog, referee, bad cop, good cop, etc., the general technique is clear. What is tedious to track or prove is when that scam is being used.

One key give away is when anyone in power, who has ridden to power on a well funded campaign, pretends to abhor "special interests". Every lobby group from unions and oil companies to churches and animal rights groups is a special interest and represents a piece of the election money pie. That is irrelevant.

What I don't get, one thing I don't get, is why would you more deserve to have your college loans paid for you if you take a government or tax paid job? That is bullshit. Sorry, my linguistic skills are lacking. There should be a more succinct, less profane way to put that. Did you know of all union members more work for government than private companies? That may give a clue as to where union management's bread is buttered.

I wonder what the real truth is regarding the last four wars or so. That thing in the Balkans I did not get at all. I thought Gulf 1 was pretty much set up in advance, but I have no idea why. Only myself and an ex Marine friend were pissed and opposed as we saw that one developing. Only us out of the circle of people I knew at the time--to clarify.

As far as Gulf 2, first I was opposed, then waffled slightly for, then I don't know. Actually I was and am against it, as I have been opposed to involvement in that part of the world since the 60's. We arm them then fight them and the reasons given just don't wash. I am not quite convinced.

Regarding the terrorist angle of that, why were known nitwit extremists not rounded up before they could do harm when we knew who they were and where they were? I'm talking ones who were right here in the USA, inexplicably.

Dammit. The rest of this post was lost and it was the good part.

Maybe I can summarize:

Things are not as represented, and rarely the thinly veiled supposed underlying structure, either.
It is idiotic to play favorites, especially by rewarding students who want to be bureaucrats. If they want to reward, do it on merit, like top .5% of the class,

Does it make sense to blackmail banks into making shaky loans, then cover the loss with tax money, then charge the banks extra fees? That is the biggest scam going and it is so confused no one will ever trace how that money is laundered. Give us someone to blame and hate while ignoring the fact that the root of most pain and evil is government sanctioned, spawned and enforced.

If I wouldn't die for it, I wouldn't expect someone else to die for it. The last four or five wars are bullshit. I'm not positive but pretty sure. I hope someday to know the real truth behind how these things are conceived and by whom and for what purpose. There was no doubt that we'd eventually be in the mid east long term, given our stupid involvement there the last fifty years. It is a set up. Someone wanted it this way.

Whatever the crisis; be it drugs, terror, the worst economy ever, global warming/cooling/climate change, you name it---the end result of the solutions and policies to fix it always result in further control over the individual's conduct of his/her life. It always is an excuse to restrict and infringe on individual rights. Rights once considered self evident and inalienable, at least over here. I think in europe rights have always been considered a privilege bestowed on citizens by the state, provided the citizen proves worthy. That is now the case here as well. It p[isses me off.

I believe republican and democratic parties both assault the sanctity and freedom of the individual. They attack on different fronts and have different special interests to which they show outward allegiance. In reality they are funded by pretty much the same entities. It doesn't matter because neither is willing to hold to the concept of freedom as spelled out in letter and spirit in the constitution (prior to 16th amendment) and declaration of independence. It was a new concept that you could actually put it together like this and form a country. Elements of it were conceived throughout history but not put together like this and actually used as the basis to from a country.

people want benevolent dictators. They never are benevolent. If they were they'd believe in the idea that the nature of man is to be free and innocent until proven guilty, not view him as an applicant who may be permitted rights if he is deemed worthy by the state.

Don't wory, even my own family doesn't agree with me. My very closest relative thinks I'm a moron. Obviously I don't. But if you do, you are in good company, and a misguided idiot, lovable though you may be.

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