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Where Not Seeing the forest for the Trees Strips Freedom

Just to get one point out of the way, I am all for anyone who does a good job and upholds their induction oath for serving in the military. I do not think race should be an issue. I don't care if you are gay. Those things should not be used as an issue by the individual or the institution.

Reality is, we once drafted people for something they did not want to do. In the current climate that could happen and the gays fighting the present set up are removing the exemption for the many gays who wouldn't want to go. I do not really care. It is an interesting twist and I hope those same people will fight against a draft if it comes up.

That all relates to being a subject of the state as opposed to a free citizen to whom the state is accountable. The reason for a constitution is to limit powers of the the government, leaving most power to the individual and to localities--theoretically in the US.

Issues like marriage and abortion fool people into subjugation without seeing it. Rather than fight for gay marriage, I'd fight to keep the state out of marriage altogether. The only reason they are involved is for tax purposes and the tax system is insane, unintelligible, abusive and wrong. There are better, simpler ways which both bring in the dollars and leave people alone. It is about control over people. Someone makes money and secures power that way, but it is a corrupt setup.

That control is what allows a state to dictate those things. Otherwise people would work it out with various churches or whatever. The purpose of marriage was probably to make sure you didn't run off and leave the other and/or offspring in a lurch. Like most things involving big governments, it got more screwed up the more it became under the auspices of the tax man and his pals. There is nothing in the way our constitution was written which indicates there is any point in the feds being involved in it.

Republicans pretend to think parents should have control of their children, and the state should not seek ownership of them, as many current programs effectively seek to do. Yet they generally tend to think the state should take responsibility from conception by opposing leaving the choice of termination to the mother. Why they get so wound up, I am not sure. Until it is out and breathing, let her do what she wants, right or wrong. Anything else opens the door to micro management down the road of your children. It simply is not a case in which strangers, or the state ought to interfere. Have agencies offering alternatives if you like, but forget forcing and intimidating people. Have your own damned babies.

Democrats tend to think it is up to them to dictate how to raise children once they are here. From conception on there are political people who want to decide the fate of your brat. Now they want to decide what you feed the kid. I've noticed that what is pushed in the world of diet changes regularly.

When I was a kid, if the same sort of people had their way who like to dictate things now, I'd have been put in child services for not eating meat, not much milk, and rarely, white bread. Now they want to force the kids to eat pretty much how I was fed.

I find these things bizarre. I guess the reason state interference in marriage and birth is not fought is because people fear freedom. That accounts for a lot. The motivation behind that gets more complicated and tangled in egos as well as deep dark corruption. The useful puppets see narrow benefit from the intrusion on various rights depending upon their position. Economic or social freedom. Some people see a separation and think you can have one and not the other.

I see no real mass movement which actually is not afraid of freedom. They draw the line somewhere; abortion, interference abroad, generosity with the wealth of others, truly having no racial preference or barrier, you name it.

We've developed laws which favor one industry over another, certain groups over others, etc. Equal protection, equality under the law lost meaning. Maximum freedom requires it.

The fact that so much is going on and I know the information blasted out is largely false traps me as well. Just that I would sit here trying to put what I think I know in words regarding all these causes and oppression of the majority and of the government, implies that I am not seeing what is free and spending my time on that. There is real life and I'm falling into the trap of not getting the most out of it. That makes me a useful puppet as well. That is no good.

Besides it is like banging my head against a wall. I should talk about women and coyotes and what's for dinner.

4-20 Yesterday, Today The Weather is Odd: Coincidence?

All across the country people smoked pot in public, sometimes making the air smokey on purpose without regard to climate consequences.

They all exhaled in unison in Boulder, as shown in the picture above. Where are the eco-police? What about the ban on tobacco in the open air in places like San Diego?
Or San Francisco. People were polluting the air by the Golden Gate Bridge. This has to be horrible for earth's fever.

I know it is affecting the weather because, here it is late April and it snowed within 20 miles of me. I drove through sleet on the way home, and past an electronic police sign on the highway which warned of winter storm conditions.

Now I know why. All them pot heads celebrating the annual day of civil disobedience in support of decriminalizing the lovely weed. The photo proves it. First that, then today, this.

If only people in this country would refuse to cooperate with some other things as well.

Somehow I suspect that many of these people are the same ones who want to control what you drive, ban smoking where it hurts no one, and believe that all things derived from oil are evil, etc. Probably big on the rights of bears to eat you up, too.

Well, I guess I am encouraged at any sort of rebellion at this point. I just wish the principle involved meant something.

Whatever they are, I think this picture is better evidence than any hockey stick that the weather in southern CA is the fault of hippie wannabes in Boulder and elsewhere, all blowing their hippie smoke in the sky at 4:20 Pm on 4/20.

Darn it. Where was I? I should have driven by the parks and campuses for closer investigation. I may have been able to trap enough of the smoke in my car to prevent this man made weather crisis. I could have been a hero.

What Are the Possibilities:accounting for morons in blogosphere

Either people cannot read or, if they can, they can't follow a thought, or I am unable to express a cogent clear thought in writing.

Besides being kind of funny, in an odd way, I thought the idea that doing away with don't ask don't tell sets a huge group of people up for the draft whenever it is reinstated (and I think that day will come) was a clever view of the situation.

It is one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't. However there is enough acceptance at this point that gays can easily serve in the military, even though they have to keep the private life low key.

At the other blog which often mirrors this those who read and commented never even got what I was saying. They thought I was concerned with whether gays are soldiers or not. What idiots.

If someone can at least disagree with me based on what I say I'd appreciate it. Over there when someone disagrees, they totally ignore the content.

I guess that is why I sometimes tread that PC line, especially in the title. It is like the scuzzier of talk shows. They read enough to count for a sound byte, then they give their sage opinion, never knowing what the hell they are addressing.

It's a sad aspect of current day society. Knee jerk reactions and labels but not even the courtesy to listen or to read a thing through before attacking it.

Maybe it is KCL. It could be the site is loaded with nincompoops, or people who see themselves as victims so they lash out at anyone nervy enough to think out loud without skirting around all the things that we pretend aren't what they are.

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