Saturday, February 28, 2015

More Reviews

The Good Lie.  An extraordinary story.  This is the sort of thing that helps give a little perspective to life.  The Sudan scene in late 80s on up seems a bit strained.  Not Paradise or Utopia.

Good flick.  The things people endure to survive, or to save others.  The problems people cause when they decide to get what they want by killing and hurting others.  You can't make a good place by refusing to respect the lives of others, and all that implies.

They are extreme.  We are hell bent on heading that direction.  Not there by a long shot.  We are fortunate for that, and much else.  Imagine no running water, no easy stores and seemingly unlimited selection, especially when it comes to breakfast cereal.

I hope people realize that cereal is mostly pure junk.  The ones that aren't frosted or shaped like monsters or animals are generally better.  It is easy enough to just look at it and know.  Many cereals are puffed imitation synthetic foodstuff.  Edible styrofoam.

But it sells.

So, The Good Lie is a very good movie and since it is based on truth.  True stories of this nature are better than fictitious survival tales.

It would be a good idea if the USA quit finding ways to arm and fund lunatics, sadists and garden variety tyrants while pretending to do otherwise.  Directly and indirectly major powers have supplied arms to whole nations of nitwit factions.

That's all I can say.

And the show Vikings is pretty cool.  I especially like Ragnar's ex wife, whatever her name is.  Everyone likes her but she is not such an easy catch.  She's Viking royalty and doesn't need much.  This type of royalty is achieved through a coup.  And that always leaves one susceptible to another coup.

May be easier to be a Viking than one of the Lost Boys of Sudan.


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