Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Living Well is Best Revenge, I guess

This is what proves that my brother and some other people I know are smarter than I am.  Many had some early motivating influence--bullies, who knows.

The significant thing is that they decided the best revenge is success in creating a good, happy life.  This was actually told to me by one such person.  Building the good life requires enough cognizance of reality to avoid the losing, non-essential battles.

What I tend to do is tilt at windmills.  I know it.  I don't like it. But I find it hard to give it up permanently.  I'll quit doing it for years at a time--if we look back far enough.  This neither seems like a time to jump on any bandwagons of cooperation with the nonsense, nor railing against it.

The question of importance is whether I am doing what I can to improve my world.  Obviously not.   How stupid is that?  Then again, I am not alone.  This is no comfort, but true nonetheless.

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