Friday, June 17, 2016

They Are Still Pretending It Is About Gay

I'm just catching on.  Apparently I avoided more than I realized regarding news updates and such.  I just caught a snippet here and there; partial radio news sentences.

It is about gay, but not muslim, and not anything else.  Just gay.  What a typical democrat pander play.  This way they needn't look into the FBI dropping the ball or any number of other things relevant to this.  By making it an assault on gayness and they are the victims, dammitt,   the demagogues can solidify yet another group based not on philosophy but how they have sex.

And, of course, once again we find a large number of people in the group who cannot possibly resist being a bona fide victim.  It is something people sucker for.  Particularly those who subscribe to ethnicity politics, and like race to be in the middle of every thought and action.

So, conflicted gay muslim wants to be the allah guy.  Gay won't work. Allah will do stuff like burn your eyes out, so tread lightly.  I think he was kind of hoping for prison,  He could fulfill his fantasies while pretending it isn't his fault.  He can't help it.  He's a victim.

I cannot believe they just barreled ahead, despite the facts.  Gay guy shoots up gay bar is about as significant as straight guy shoots up bar of predominately heterosexual people.   Now, gay guy wants favor with ISIS and Mo, pbuh, so he shoots up the den of iniquity, hoping Mo, pbuh, and Allah, wtfbuh, won't notice him lusting after all of the unrepentant infidels.

Seriously, this new progressive lockstep push to pretend and lie their way into everyone thinking this was all about gay, etc., is blatant manipulation.  If you can convince a group that they are victims and under threat, they will more readily unite behind someone posing as the champion of their cause.

Isolate a group in some way, convince them they are victims and being targeted by society.  Good thing big bro is there.  Big Bro. That's a name you can trust.  A name people seem to trust more than themselves or their neighbors.  Group insanity.

It is classic manipulation.  And then you have every cockroach with a microphone weighing in.  

Progressives pretend like crazy.  First it was an automatic weapon, and now it is an attack by all of us on lbgt community?  Am I supposed to say LBGTQ?  Honestly I despise the whole "black community' "white community" "LB blablabla community"  I do not care.  They can milk this in an effort to get the lbgt etc people to vote in a block and according to their wishes

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