Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If I Could Explain, I Probably Wouldn't

Since I can’t explain it, the question is moot. What a dumb sounding word. It’s the one that fits, though, so there you have it.

My horizons broaden. Must be something in my horoscope.

Another great and adventurous week to add to all the other good weeks this year has offered. It amazes me.

You almost kicked my tennis butt into next week, however I remain the greater 212th place champion. The nerve of those school kids, playing sports after school, hogging the court instead of showing initiative by holding up liquor stores, 7-11s, and tourists. Serious trouble there.

I’ve got a piece of the Douglas fir, just in case.

It was a very close call in the enchanted forest, as night fell and the bread crumbs disappeared. I thought trolls would be making trouble and asking difficult riddles. They did make mischief with the signs. Good thing I have an inner compass that is as reliable as a sun dial in Seattle or who knows what might have happened. Glad I could rescue you. Just doing my job.

I’m pretty sure Bogart actually Bogarts in Key Largo. I didn’t catch it in CasaBlanca.

That Save the Children guy accosted me again but remembered me from last week. I promised to check out their web site. They pay those people to do that, but I don’t think they pay much. He was into it so what can you do. Anyone that cheerful and concerned at the same time can’t be faking it, I don’t think.

I hope you got the message on the little square of paper closest to where you keep your brain at night. It was as comfortable a flight as I’ve ever had, except I wouldn’t have minded if it got put off a week or 3, dontcha know, I tell you what..

I do tell you what—if you think a squirrel can kick your butt (and they can. I know first hand), those raccoons could tear a person into such little pieces they’d never be able to put it back together. Not like the wood cube. More like a jigsaw puzzle but with no picture to go with.

My blue bag from the 80s will last until 2012, minimum. Nice repair work assures this. I know the people at the airport were all wishing they had a cool suitcase that gets bigger and smaller and can fit in the overhead or be easy to identify if some interloper doesn’t have the only other one like it in existence. Was that guy my doppelganger?

Slept like a baby. Probably one who makes a racket.

That’s life, and now back to work. Yes, I have work. Not everyone does. I can’t believe it.

Never was Casa Blanca so enjoyable, even though Boggie did not Bogart in that one.

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