Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ian Belmondo - Take Me To The Tropics

This was about a year go.  I was always out of breath trying to sing, but I seemed healthier than today.

One day this song will be right. I've never been able to get the rhythm and such like I like it but it s nice that people want to play it.

posted because Scott of lowandslow/flight plan blog indicated he liked the music videos much better than my whining and commentary

Who I Played With Saturday Morning

Trevor McSpadden - Better Off Alone

This guy invited me to play a roadside farmer's market thing Saturday based on my reputation.  He's definitely professional and, like many native Texans, one very nice person.  His wife is very cool--a knockout--and their baby is one happy girl.  I told him he was richer than most.  I think he may know that.

He said he liked my style of play an such.  I was about his age a long time ago.  Oh well.

It is still murder not smoking.  That was my number one hobby for the last many years.  I'm using my self-loathing to keep away from them, "suffer, you dumb bastard!!!"  Try as I might, I've never been one of those than understood the concept of "loving yourself" for more than a few seconds at  time.  Maybe I just don't get what it means and I really do feel whatever they are talking about with such concepts. I doubt it.  It's OK.  I trick myself, with occasional success, into temporary sanity.

In some ways I guess I do OK.  It comes and goes.  Loving you is a far easier concept. I can't be loving you and hating me too much at the same time. See?

ScoffLaw by Default

On radio news, they said people were waiting in long lines to sign up for some kind of government mandated healthcare arrangement.  How come I didn't know such place existed?

That is my defense: I didn't know where to go, and my computer froze every time I went to a health hazard site.  I still find it a sad statement about America that we call a law, largely written by a congressional aid of some kind, who had worked for one of the largest insurance firms, "Obamacare", naming it after a politician who did not write the law, either did not know what it was or voluntarily lied about it, and who is not God, king, or the source of the money paying for anyone's medical costs.

The absolutely shameless way that people on right and left personalize a government program and law, almost deifying their savior or enemy, as the case may be, leaves me hungering for a climate controlled cave in the wilderness, replete with all amenities, yet off the grid, off the radar and far away from anyone who believes in forced communalism, charity at gunpoint.

I'm eligible for any number of subsidies and medi this and that.  Who knew?  My issue is that it turns my stomach and I may seriously prefer an early death to participating.  I am undecided about that.

In the mean time, I will go to the Alpine clinic to see why I am having attacks which swell the tongue and rage from within like red ants biting from the inside, then they go away with enough allergy stuff.
I'm pretty sure if I quit being so tired I can work it out through massive green juice intake and bio-feedback.  Or something.

Probably lack of cigarettes.

So, where were these people waiting in line?  The insurance companies left standing must be doing well.

Many people point to european countries and Canada claiming "Oh look, Utopia!!!".  We used to point and say, "Geez, those poor suckers are under the thumb, glad we know how to be free!!"  Yippee, we surpassed their stupidity yet we still feel unsophisticated and want to follow their example.

Our increasing paranoia and trouble is always met with more of the same ultra-statism that got us here.  The fact that the corporate-governmental enmeshment is fueled by regulatory agencies, and is only allowed to thrive under the erroneous idea that government is the best bet to run all things, totally eludes most public discourse.  Emotional attachments prevent reason.

I see people who are opposed to every war we are ever in, so it seems, yet they thank every person in uniform for their service.  If you were opposed to a war, do you thank those who fight it?  I'm beginning to wonder.   Defense does keep us free. Using the military domestically against our own does not.  If fighting wars with no defined purpose or conclusion in remote parts of the world keeps us free, how it does this must be classified information.  I've not heard consistent justification even from those supporting various wars.  I've heard no good reason that we've trained and armed lunatics, who are later labelled enemies.

Emotionally, I want to say, hell yea, go team, thank you for your service. USA!  But logically I think my country and my military has been hijacked by evil doers and by flawed philosophy.  Long ago this happened.  We were never perfectly free or of consistent values, but we had a good chance.

Peer pressure, laziness, concerted efforts to obliterate the essence of the philosophy of freedom, greed, and envy have all served to bring us here, standing in line somewhere to buy government mandated insurance, required to cover things we may not want or conceivably ever need, from officially specified sources, or else we will get punished.  WTF?

I've always been in between.  I really did not like the culture of youth that did everything to please the public school teachers and establishment.  They knew to say what pleased, gave reports on how much they loved the U.N., cheated at sports, were junior governmental units to the max.  Then there were the badass kids, being tough and giving the establishment kids a hard time.  Bullies and bully entourage types.  They were unkind and I did not like them for that.

In many ways, nothing has changed, except the statists have more power than ever, there is more stress than ever an the tyranny brigade demands even more power while the fools all around cheer.  Crazy, the gangsta types and the ones who love government like the Obamabots all pretty much support the same party and the same programs.  To me it makes sense; I consider both groups bullies and ill mannered people who intrude into the lives of others uninvited.

How am I supposed to become apolitical if I have to keep up with all these mandates and buy-or-die political schemes?

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