Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Just Crazy Enough...

Here we are at another gathering at the ranch in Harbison Canyon.  About 15 min from ballisticMountain.  This was Sunday.
Greg is the guy standing.  He brought the harp amp that is now my favorite.  Another crazy guy who falls between the cracks.  Must be a lot of us.  We certainly do not think alike, but there is a commonality and acceptance of the fact that they aren't always right, like me.

In any case, It wouldn't surprise me to see this guy get famous.

Luddites Never Go Away--Like Miami Cock Roaches

OK.  I think this excerpt from an article best demonstrates why I find it impossible not to be a radical rebel who refuses to defer to the views of those who are often allegedly more intelligent and educated than I am.

Unlike one friend I know, I do not think education guarantees sanity, integrity, intelligence.   In short, credentials do not ensure right thinking or pure motive.

Here is a clear illustration of the sort of thinking that has sent me into boil-over mode all my life.  It has oozed its way through public school systems since before my time, and into news reports, churches and everywhere else that dumb ass, misanthropes find a platform to decry the condition of being human.

How dare we try to go fast, build things that don't leak in the rain, etc.  I'm so sick of people who think it makes them sound smart to belittle and criticize human achievement, I wish I could blast  a hearty F*** You to them every morning across the land.  Just a little dose of reality to begin their day.  A little dose of what they offer on a grand scale.

 Andrea Saul, spokesperson for NCAR, added that, “The sound barrier is there for a reason.  It is high time that we understand the cumulative effects of breaking it.”
(is andrea hinting that she is basing her self-promoting mission upon a creationist view that things like "sound barriers" are put there by some intelligent authority?  Is she saying God put up the sound barrier for some reason and we gonna pay pay pay for violating that thing?
Someone is paying money for this rudderless dreamboat to dream up another excuse to unpleasantly harass the human species)

So now the people who love regulation and power want to study and spin the ills of super-sonic travel speeds.  

Is it that this happens when nominally intelligent people get jealous and frustrated because they cannot invent, create, and innovate, yet some of their peers can?   I think the hatred of human endeavor and mastery over the environment stem from small minded, shallow, self serving greed for acclaim and power.

If they can't make something that goes fast or is useful, they'll attack those who can.  

We pay for this shit. 

I'm not one who defers to "people a lot smarter than me", and I wonder what the hell those who do are thinking.  Smart and right only coincide on good days.  Ted Bundy was probably smarter than you, too.  Maybe you need to find another model and excuse for refusing to recognize evil bullshit.   Just saying, "smarter people than I" blablabla may not hold any water.

You wait.  These miserable excuses for human beings will soon propose a sonic tax to somehow return things to their pristine condition, which of course is the normal static state of nature.  

I think idiots like the newly formed sonic police remind me of work-jerks and too many teachers from my public school incarceration days.  I truly hate them, yet they are running the world.  Michele and Barack are both of that public school nitwit mentality.  So is Boner, McCain, etc.  And half my friends and relatives, to one degree or another.  It is difficult for me not to literally explode when I see this stuff or hear friends and relatives spout this collectivist, misanthropic, oppressive, freedom killing nonsense.  

It is all they've known.  All anyone has seen in my lifetime.  Still, I'm disappointed because I would have given them credit for being strong enough and clear enough to stand up and say, 
"this sucks. It is bullshit--to state it politely. These wannabe regulators and hall monitors do not deserve a dime of my money.  Go to hell you envious, greedy Luddites!".

But my friends and relatives just can't see that far.  They see far enough to do well under the status quo, hence motive for maintaining it.  Or they don't do well but like to have the usual things to blame, subtly laid out for them by powers that be, and rather than think, "Oh, I screwed up."  they'd rather have some other thing to blame, even if fictitious. 

I may have screwed up a perfectly bizarre and good life, but I sure as hell do not sell out in ways most of my more successful peers do.  And that is too bad, all the way around.

There is nothing wrong with someone studying anything they choose.  But when you see this kind of idiotic language, and the public dime funds it, and you get the idea that legislation is the goal, then it is usually the same old screw you for trying treatment that non governmental entities get for trying.

What word even describes this arrogant, pompous interloper?
The Wash Navy Yard shooter had 3 guns including AR-15 assault rifle - same killing machine used at Aurora and Sandy Hook.

(a shotgun and 2 pistols are almost an AR-15, and AR-15s are scary, evil and the cause of all trouble because I say so)

Quick, let's bask in the glow of a tragedy while we can use it for our own purposes.  This is an example of Pier M's make-it-up-they'll-never-know school of journalism.

Someone pays that annoying Brit good money to be an ass.

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