Sunday, April 4, 2010


So, there I was inside a UHAUL truck, the kind with "Mom's Attic", trying to get a table, or dog house (don't remember) in place. Nothing unusual when you are helping the Waterfront gypsies move things over there about a mile.

When we exited the truck looking for more objects to load, the guy who'd been piddling around with things in the basement room claimed there had been an earthquake, much creaking, rattling and shaking. Yea, sure. Then I returned to the front yard and noticed neighbors out there asking me if I had felt IT. As the wife flirted in that semi-buzzed, afternoon cocktail sort of way, the husband explained that he'd lived here for a hundred years and never felt such a quake.

Later, others reported rattling dishes and things nearly falling off of shelves. M and I noticed nothing. We were doing important work.

This could be a testament to a number of things. It could be proof of our extreme focus when a job is to be done--no time for foolish movements of the earth, who allegedly has a fever. Or it could be we are obliviots, totally unaware of our surroundings and the nature of activity around us. We may be totally unaware of what The Earth tries to tell us in the only way it knows to communicate. Once again, completely environmentally deaf and blind, I mean hearing and sight impaired.

I came all this way expecting to find hippy chicks, earthquakes and beach parties. Finally, an earthquake that got everyone's attention, except M's and mine.

One explanation may be found in what some teachers and others said of me many years ago--that I float through life without my feet ever touching the ground. That would explain not feeling the planet complaining or whining.

Had this been centered in a populated area rather than arid land with few people, there could have been trouble. Would I have noticed? I guess there is no guarantee.

Of all the explanations for not noticing an earthquake, I prefer to think it is just that I am unshakable.

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