Monday, October 26, 2009


Still sick and wondering what's what.  Here's another glimpse into the surreal waking/dream condition that this stuff brings.  

It gets weirder at night.  The best thing is to breathe so subtly and slowly that your lungs don't sense your effort, otherwise they rebel and make you cough until small parts of internal organs break loose.  

 I'll bet THEY created this virus and spread it around to further their secret diabolical agenda.  I feel like a sell out for playing into their hands.  With luck it won't be fatal, leaving me future opportunities to redeem myself. 

Picture of the Plague

I can't explain exactly how it feels, and I've been told I can't label it without first paying a doctor to do a test to tell me what it is.  

However I can illustrate the condition by posting this photo, taken of myself just today

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