Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finally A Sane Parent In An Ad On TV

The image of the dad and kids in TV commercials is not generally flattering.

Dad is a total dimwit who is desperate for his kids' approval. The kids are disrespectful little brats. Unfortunately life too often imitates TV. I won't say art in this case. Plus I believe art reflects life. TV tends to set trends.

Enter, finally, an ad in which the dad is exactly how a dad should be. I offer the Ballistic Tour Best Dad in a TV Advertisement Award to the guy in the Geico advertisement who got his kids a 'possum instead of a puppy to save money. And when the thing hisses at the kids he doesn't blink an eye.

Whoever created and approved that ad has done America a service. If you are one of those people who gets wrapped up in the whole role model thing, there you go. If you know any young fathers, steer them toward the 'possum pop as their role model. We'll all be better for it.

I hope it sets a trend. There are many kids who don't deserve a puppy, and many families who cannot reasonably afford a dog; or kids for that matter.

I Heart Misty and Kerri

Somewhere in CA I am availing myself of AC and watching some Olympics. I've never seen the kind of heart displayed by the US women's Volley ball pair. They narrowly defeated the Chinese and they overcame a sizable lead by the opponents.

Correct or not, I hate it when communist countries' athletes win anything. It gives their police state way of things an air of credibility which is sickening to me.

Those two women are unbelievable. Apparently the other American pair--don't know the names--are exceptional as well. I think they are a younger pair.

The cool thing is that those are the two teams to make the finals. I guess that means the USA wins that medal no matter what. Good.

Every time I travel it amazes me what a great land this is. It also puzzles me that people often don't get it. That strain of something that makes our species want to go extinct. Odd.

I've had ample opportunity to see "Your Tax Dollars At Work". I know because they have signs telling me so, just in case it is not clear to me.

They say the fines are doubled in work zones. I noticed a couple of work zones marked off but no clue regarding what work was being done. I suspect it was merely a speed trap which would result in double the ticket cost. I slowed down.

I had no interest in seeing the olympics, but then I caught some of Phelps kicking foreign butt in one event or another and I couldn't help myself. That guy has it made, and he has to be doing something right to have been such a major force for so long. I love seeing people succeed in exceptional fashion.

I do find it odd that the red China team wears blue, and the USA team was in red. Probably my paranoia concerning totalitarian states that tempers many of my observations and emotional reactions. It must have started with that tyrant Mrs. Anderson in kindergarten, reinforced by that sadistic, evil killer of the human spirit, Mrs. Marshall in 1st grade. Fortunately there were some fine teachers after that who convinced me that only 56% percent of teachers work for the devil.

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