Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brilliant Tax Idea

It could be the zeitgeist or maybe rampant schadenfreude is to blame, but I have noticed in my life that when you are married or heavily attached, the world shows you (and I'm speaking of males here because I am not sure if it holds as well for females), OK the world shows you 9 times more love than when you are alone and unaffiliated.

Therefore, I think married guys should be taxed at twice the rate. Just temporarily, of course, until we "win the future", or get out of debt, or whatever it is that trips your trigger. Everyone knows it is true. Get a girlfriend or wife and women throw themselves at you. Everyone is your friend.

Find yourself out in the cold and you're lucky if you catch a glimpse of any of those chicks as they run away like the wind. Doesn't seem fair does it? And we, of course, are all about fair. That's why we hate the rich. They should suffer too. Exactly.

So, I think it only fair to impose a heavy marriage tax, unless you can prove that your wife beats you and engages in abuse that you don't enjoy.

Guys who get caught having affairs but don't get kicked out and raked over the coals financially, (Bill Clinton for example), should have to pay a heavy penalty. They have been enjoying extra helpings while some get none at all. Unfair as all get out.

This kind of out-of-the-box thinking is what They've been asking for. To find such insights, sometimes you have to go to those who spend way too much time out of the box.

I'd explore the nuances of having skin in the game, but maybe this is enough for now. Great Idea, I think. It's for the greater good, a way to give back, what you can do for your country.

If Only I Could Tell The Truth

Certain subjects get little play in what I write here. Why I do write here is a mystery, other than I like to do it. I guess that is reason enough.

But I refrain from laying down many of the thoughts I find most interesting. Once again, I blame women for that. Only because I like them. It's one thing to hope for an anonymous contingent of females in your miniscule audience, but another when people know you.

It was only after I straightened out that I realized what kind of hassles women go through. I never fully recognized that many of them were unaware of their power over all things male prior to clearing my head for awhile. It was at that point that I found out that women do have feelings, even if they process them in very mysterious ways. So, I did the wise thing and hooked up with the exception to that rule. Psychosis and dimwittedness know no gender barriers. It is not the exclusive territory of males. That was a depressing discovery.

Eventually I figured out that I know nothing which is useable in respect to figuring out the issue. Can't rescue them and can't be rescued. That is probably all I need to know. It is sad because I could use rescuing most of the time. But it is just not a thing that can actually happen in any meaningful way.

This came abut because I happened to remember some very stupid things I did once upon a time. No one but me to blame. Unkind and misguided. I regret the things that caused someone pain more than any of the other types of mistakes. I've done my best to make good on those things in one way or another. I suspect the karma scale is swinging a little bit closer to balance or even to the good.

Crazy critters are making a racket pitter pattering around the outside of this cottage. Some or all of it is the raccoon. Better that than rats. That sucker just doesn't want to give up on the garbage can. I have to devise something that will punch him in the nose when he gets too rambunctious in attempting to open it. That bungee cord is strong and tight so the lid is not coming off.

Maybe I should dig a really deep hole beside the can and make a fake ground over it. Like trapping a lion or whatever they dig such pits to trap. I'll put tar or maybe a battery of mouse traps down there. Nothing to injure him too bad. Just something to ruin his day and encourage him to go next door and bother the horses and mules.

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