Thursday, July 1, 2010

Confidence Lost; worse than the mind

It has occurred to me that I tend to lose all confidence in my ability to view and recognize reality, and often, my ability to do anything. This is stupid. It shows that the beat downs of life have not been shrugged off yet, going way back.

So many times I will be dealing with some task or effort, thinking "I don't know if I can", then I get fed up and just think, "screw that, do it!" and I do. Sometimes that angry push does not kick in, and I do not do whatever. The point is that the confidence, when there is well founded, and the doubt can sabotage the deal.

There are those who have a false sense of confidence--nothing backing it up. I do not want to be that. Being too steeped in self doubt is just as bad. Two sides of ignoring reality.

Just thinking, that's all. Playing a clean single note version of the national anthem on diatonic harmonica, with no mistakes should not be that tough. Only one awkward bend. However, it is a tough one to get perfect.

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