Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Well, It Did Get Breezier

So, on my way back into El Cajon to pick up my car and drop off the rental, I pulled into the CVS parking lot.  On my way backing out, I was making use of the back up cam, plus trying to find ways to glimpse the world behind and beside the car, first hand.

That first hand look at the world is tricky in that car.  It is good, in that the windows are dark and small so the sun is not too oppressive.  However, as I mention previously, this vehicle is best enjoyed by those who do not care to see where they are going.

OK.  I'm backing up, head on a swivel, left, right, left, up, down, etc., back up cam, all resources in play.  Then I go to shift into drive, still maintaining a vigilant watch over my surroundings.  I reach down for the crazy Chrysler shift knob which is like a tuning dial or volume knob.  I reach down from memory, grasp the dial and turn clockwise which is where drive is located.

Pic doesn't show that this is flat, on the horizontal plane. You see part of the fan knob at top, also on the flat horizontal plane. 

Only the fan sped up.  The fan speed  knob was located just above the shifter knob.  Can that even be safe?  They are close to the same size even.   Much as I enjoyed the new Chrysler car, and as dirty as my 200K+miles Subaru is, I found it to still be the more ergonomic machine. It takes so much less effort because you can easily see who is near you and where you are going, and there is no way you would go to put the car into drive and accidentally turn up the radio or air conditioning fan.

I'm still wondering where is the catch.

The drive shaft assembly comes as such, no separate U-joints.  It is very expensive and they would have had to pull it out of Oregon.  I think that is because they so rarely go bad.  But we are talking over $900.00 installed.  A little over $100 is labor.

Well, once again, my friend Kevin, from up here on the mountain and from the Copper Creek group of which I am the harp guy and sometimes vocals, saved the day.  Seems we were discussing practice fro this past Saturday's gig at the Wine and Song festival--friggin sound was perfect for me. Just how I like it. Anyway, I must have mentioned it.

I did mention it because I talked to the dealer in the afternoon and they agreed to try to find a used part.  Kevin has access to just about ever part source's data base due to his job--maybe he is actually with "The Company".  He calls me back and says, here is where you can get the part $100.00 and they deliver every day to San Diego.  There were some complications regarding payment.

But---here's the cool part---the dealer was fine about the part, and since, for various reasons I needed to pay the parts outfit, they held the money there and gave it to the driver who dropped off the part.  I expected red tape and, "I'm sorry, my hands are tied.  Our policy is, only parts from authorized Subaru parts emporiums!"

They retained me as a customer.  Otherwise I would have grabbed my car and stalked away, forfeiting the minimum fee the always stipulate for looking at your car.

It was one of the smartest moves they could do.  This is what I figured out.  A man like me does not want to think he got reamed by a mechanic shop just because he didn't have time or energy to argue or whatever.  Who wants to go tell people, "Hey did I ever get screwed by the mean service department or mechanic shop.

You sound like a loser wimp. I may be a loser but I don't want to be a loser wimp. That is a bridge too far. Does that even make sense?

Anyway, when they work this way I cannot complain.  I will tell people that El Cajon Subaru-Mazda is OK in my book. I feel victorious in some way, relieved, and full of good will toward that company.

I wonder if service departments and other shops realize how much people value a good experience.  I thought I'd save with an independent shop, and I really wasn't satisfied with what they charged and their reasons. Maybe it was all legit, but it felt like a little legit, a little con.  I doubt I'll be back.  And I can't recommend them.  Marketing.  They could have made more money in the long run.

Guess they counted on me dying.  So did I, but I don't think it will happen soon.  I am the miracle boy from hell, dammit!

If you ever doubt the sure footedness of the subaru system. Just drive it up my hill, then take that Chrysler up the hill.  You will be surprised.  I had no idea how spoiled I'd become to not slipping and sliding all the time./

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