Saturday, November 12, 2016

Clutter and Voodoo

It is overwhelming, my lack of planning throughout life.   Odd, because at the height of my hyper focussed phase, I planned every last detail of the project at hand.  But my lovely wife cleaned the house, even though I thought I tried to help.

Obviously a mental disorder.  I live like a hoarder and I don't even want the stuff.  As much as I worry about fire, because that is what you do in East County, I catch myself thinking it would be a relief if it all vanished in smoke or by any other means.

I sent an inquiry to an outfit that specializes in straightening out the messes created by defective people such as myself.  We'll see if they get in touch and what they say.

In the past I liked to blame Bush for this problem.  Now I blame Trump.  Blaming Obama, or any democrat for that matter, would be racist of course.  Or sexist and a whole host of phobias.  The only phobia I own up to, without apology is islamophobia.  Islam gives me the creeps and I avoid all contact if possible.  I do not go out harassing, I just detest the whole vibe.  Sometimes I get it from other bigoted religious sects too.

However if ambassadors from the religion of peace want to clean and fix up my hovel, allah akbarrio and yeehah! PBUH

So, there it is.  That is how we can all just get along. Send in the ninjas and penguin types.

Some days I find I do not want to be me any more.  What to do with that?  You can't flee yourself so easily.

If only I could believe the nonsense about how I could make the world better by protesting the election, maybe throw rocks at police horses and such.  Wait.  I could go out and throw rocks at the rock and bottle throwers.  Make life hell for the ones damaging property.  That would be cooler than harassing police horses.

That really did it for me; when these funded, astroturf, "ground roots" protesters hurt horses.  That was the final line.  And they do because they get to wear a victim badge.  What garbage.  I would like to visit some macro aggressions upon them.  Make them forget the microscopic micro aggressions which cloud their limited imaginations.

Probably filing last year's tax, finding W-2 and all that is the first order of biz.  No tax file, no insurance and you don't get to subsidize my efforts to stay alive.  I would feel guilty but half of whoever "you" are pushed for this state of affairs.    You wanted "them" to subsidize worthless reprobates like me.  At the same time you promoted crony boondoggles like the Powerlink, which some think increases likelihood of various cancerous type maladies.

I tend to think so.  The ultra high voltage and such does affect people.  Electro magnetic issues do affect people.  Some are so visibly and obviously affected that they move.  I won't argue it here.  But what so many people fail to recognize is that you have no idea the range of human maladies and conditions, let alone what it is like.  Many are judgmental, thinking they know how others feel.  They conclude that others are weak or lazy without really knowing.

Some are lazy and weak, but some are fighting in ways the busy body bastards wouldn't guess.

Alright, so I will blame them for the mess and chaos of my life.

We shall overcome.   Or else we won't.  I saw someone comment how happy she is to see the protests.  This is not a person who would personally assault animals and throw bottles, but she seems condone it.  Of course in maddening left wing fashion, she ignores what these organized assaults on the public really are.

And these biassed assertions and attacks happen far more than the supposed white militias sweeping the nation.  Nonsense.  For every ten vicious attacks on people for their views by the left, there is maybe one semi confirmed incident from these mostly non existent white backlashers.  There are some but most white men do not give a damn about 90% of what they are painted as thinking. They are not mugging you, and beating you.  Maybe they'll send you to perpetual war, but that is something else altogether.  And race is not the motivating factor there.

White people, in general, do not give a damn about race.  That is what I believe.  There are some but they are not as numerous on a per capita basis as the black bigots and the hispanic bigots.  The ones who lie to promote their point, and subsequently promote themselves, enjoy the destruction and the emotional frenzy that keeps the lockstep jingoists of their group as ill informed and stupid as possible.

Crowds; mobs make people stupid.  Anger makes people stupid if it is cultivated.  We have people orchestrating events which incorporate both of those de-edifying factors.

Oh but I'd so much rather find old naked pictures of Melania Trump, because I am against bullying and hate and being a meanie.

The coolest thing though is seeing rants by these nincompoops citing white privilege, and other not measurable spirits, and ending by calling people ignorant, uneducated "hippocrates".   I have seen it more than once.   Off to swear my hypocritic oath

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