Friday, May 6, 2016

Can You Imagine Such a Reality Ripple?

When core beliefs or skepticisms are proven wrong or otherwise discovered to be so, it shakes one's reality.  That is the affect on me.  It is a weird kind of feeling.  Like a shock and your body slams a jolt of adrenalin in there.

I realize that I have a totally different view of life than I did even three or four years ago; what matters, things like that.   It is freaking me out because it nullifies almost everything about me, by my reckoning.

So, I have to find ways to defeat that thinking. And feeling.  I believe all that.  Maybe I should assume that there is a reason for all my complete acceptance of misinformation and insistence upon insane judgment calls.  It is a very haunting sensation that tends to last far too long.

Oh forget that!

What amazes me about humans is how much technological progress they have made.  In truth, sociological, too, though we tend to revert.  But our species has managed to create some fairly clean and functional cities, and comfort which is only had by tricking and bending nature.  Protecting ourselves from its whims and bugs.

What has happened in only a few lifetimes is remarkable.  The cumulative effect from the efforts of many independent creators, mostly not even aware of one another.

I need to stop and ponder.  Best course of action is almost always obvious, just not always the most convenient.  Even so, why would anyone have a reflexive aversion to saving himself certain pain and remorse?  There is no reasonable reason, so let's just not consider that an option.  Any more.

Dystopia in a Heartbeat or Two

It is easy to forget that most people are younger than I am, and they don't remember the days prior to mandatory seat belts, complete fear of everyone, schools serving as parent and guardian, cops in the halls, search and seizure without direct cause in the name of national or other security.  We are so safe.

Due to the presentation of our lives, by media and government, as being in imminent danger at all times from white men, products, weather, itinerate perverts, etc., we actually tend to believe that we are in more of a war zone now than ever.

A look at crime statistics, (which we only look at selectively to avoid the fact that the most vocal victims in our country happen to be about 20 times more likely to shoot or rape you than other groups), shows that we do not have significantly more of this stuff than in the past.  We just package the sensational images and stories more effectively.

News naturally does anything it can to promote regulation of any and every kind.  They just do.  Government likes that because they like power, and some actually believe they are better at running the lives of others than the owners of those lives.  Of course, some would go so far as to debate who owns your life.

The office of mayor of New York City has long been a place where would be tyrants and out of touch billionaires run rough shod over anything resembling rights, reason, and integrity.  Giuliani was an anomaly.  His focus was a little more reasonable than the last couple they have had there.

Now this clown, De Blasio, -another politician unfamiliar with the Constitution and any notion of proper government function--is using his office's bully pulpit  to harm and bully businesses who disagree with him politically.  So, the owners of Chik-a-Filet (that right?)--do not embrace the whole lbgtqxyz activist agenda, so Bill publicly suggests boycotting them.

And people think it is OK.  It is not.  I don't care how dysgendered or erotically unusual you are.  Anyone can go in and buy chicken so it must just be a problem if you do not also think Bruce Jenner is a hero.

So we have the mayor of one of the premier cities in the world using his office to affect the business and income of those who don't support him and his causes.

Then in Wisconsin, there is a guy riding around on a motorcycle, showing off his big tattoo, suggesting that Paul Ryan arm wrestle him.  In the video, he has a passenger, but you cannot really tell who or what it is.  Maybe a wife?  So bundled up, and with the helmet and all, it could be a boyfriend.  We don't know.  He was trying to look like a badass, except for the part where he's in a suit walking around in a warehouse.

After the arm wrestle challenge, he turns his back and walks into some building, maybe a gay bath house or a gym.  His badass T shirt without sleeves has a bandana wearing skull and crossbones on the back.  ???  WTF?

What is it with people who love death stuff and bones?  I never got it with real bikers any more than with politician bikers.  What a creep.  Grown man, running for an important office which directs trillions of dollars, sends people to fight wars, screws with regulations and dreams up hoops for citizens to jump through just in order to keep the guns away from their door, and he is publicly trying to play mean biker bully to get the job?

Maybe don't vote Ryan, I don't know.  I have never been a big fan of his.  Somehow the charm of either party has worn off.  I really wanted to like any party opposing the democrats, but there is no such thing I don't think. They are all nuts.

But some shallow lawyer playing weekend Hell's Angel, showing off his stupid tattoo, and taunting his opponent with arm wrestling is too much.  Besides, I think Ryan is the one always working out, so he probably can beat the wannabe biker with the mystery person of unknown gender assignment or preference on the back.

Just wait.  Those clowns will probably have a debate down the line and then arm wrestle in some beer joint.  Maybe life is supposed to be a circus. Anymore, I just do not know.

I am so glad I don't catch the videos and tele news too much.  This is the dumbest election cycle in some time.

But millenials and most others have no clue that the path is toward a dystopian all powerful state which continually promotes fear while creating chaos and fostering crime. All in the packaging.  I heard one talking to his mom about the '50's, "when it was OK for a husband to beat his wife".   What?  That is how people are taught.   It is not true.  Just like American men, and Canadian too, probably, have generally treated women on a more egalitarian basis than their european counterparts, and absolutely better than their Latin American counter parts.

But you'd never know it because of what is presented and reinforced.  

The biggest problem has always been the hiding of root causes for things.  If you jump into analyzing the process at a point along the way, you are likely to miss the real impetus of the whole thing.

Reality is that government is a money maker for a lot of people.  It is good to have various things handled in common, especially since you are paying for me.  But it is not the altruistic ultimate arbiter of truth and justice, and should not be treated as such.  I fear officialdom run amok as much as I do the riffraff.  Maybe more.

Through fear mongering, we have a society peopled by young adults who never knew any significant time in childhood when they weren't monitored, strapped in, helmeted and schooled in superstitious rituals and rites which are passed off as celebrations of diversity and fairness.

My crowd was fed a lot of garbage too.  That is why the new batch is even deeper in the nonsense.  I knew it was a veiled form of bullying then, and I know it now.   The real enticement that few will admit has been the state's eager insistence on taking over child care.  Suckers think they are off the hook.  Accidentally gave birth, how bout you feed this thing breakfast and lunch and keep him all day so I can absolve myself of the guilt of having kids I cannot care for, and about whom I care not.

But do not hurt his-her-its feelings without providing some safe space where all who are different become fair game for us to bully him-her-it until it-him-her goes away or we righteously beat it to a pulp.

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