Friday, July 17, 2015

SomeThings Need Saying, Even If the Listener is Departed

For example,

Dear Milton Berle, it just wasn't funny when you dressed up like a woman.  You did that a lot, and you always acted like you thought it was really funny.  Not even close.  RIP.

Dear Vaudeville,
A pie in the face is not funny. It has never been funny.  Perhaps there is one obscure exception to the rule.  I doubt it. Comedians tell people it is funny so people laugh. They do what they are told in crowds like that. Also, some of them may be embarrassed for you so they laugh; or they don't want to be odd man out so they pretend to see the Emporer's new clothes.

But seriously, the pie is not funny.  You may be funny, but the pie is not the key to your humor or anyone else's.  Broken knee caps aren't funny either.  Look, just trust me, Vaudeville, the pie-in-the-face school of comedy was wrong.  Not funny.  I think their certification has been revoked.  They no longer count.


For some reason I was thinking about these things as I plodded through work and travel.  Lot of driving to and from the workplace.  I am able to do much much more than I could at this time last year.  I guess the poison pill is doing the trick.

I am doing my part mentally, too.  Once I get started, I keep putting off breaks until I finished.  Then I take the break.  I am afraid that I won't be able to get moving again if I stop for a break.

On the way home, I am often ultra sore, but it seems to come in waves and leave in waves.

Really, though.  It is as if everyone went along with Milty, pretending his cross dressing was comic genius, when everyone knew he just liked the excuse to let out his inner whatever.  It wasn't funny.  It is just one of those things where someone carries a tacit sort of power and no one knows why for sure. But they still fear breaking the silence on the truth of the issue.

So, everyone patronized Milton Berle because he was often funny and witty.  And he was rich and connected.  But they were afraid to even admit to their friends the lack of funny when Milt cross dressed.  So, you can see that even a posthumous lecture on humor to Milt carries risk and danger.

While we are at it, nothing about food fights is funny.  Someone took a lot of time to grow or raise or synthetically create that food.  Besides, it is not funny. Messy. The kind of stuff that might be like a halfway house for fecal throwers.

Sorry I had to go there. The truth is so damned harsh when you are full of koolaid.  People do weird things.  Often the only trace of motive stems from sex or other bodily functions.  And often the act may relate to such things, but any shred of satisfaction or remotely rational motive is absent.

I caught a regular news channel the other day.  Obama was all over the place on there.  I watched many allegedly important people testify to the news people regarding their status as righteous, holy and better than you.  And I wondered, "Do people really believe this nonsense?".

Yes, I think they do.

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