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Pollyanna, or Sunshine Superman?

****the following may contain subliminal messages****
(no need to look for those because if you find them, then they aren't subliminal, they are obvious or whatever the opposite is)
++++Of course I could be making all that up++++or not

So, there I am listening to HER call me Pollyanna. OK. I owned up. Anger and frustration can lead to obsessive resentment and the cells of the body will react by turning on me. If it takes being Pollyanna to avoid that and the resultant dark days and bad result, then sign me up.

Those of us with a glimmer of foresight often look stupid until the tale unfolds a bit further. I have faith, and when I don't I try to regain it. That got me out of Memphis, into the fold of caring friends and led to some fascinating and pleasant experiences. Life is better. Memphis is really a euphemism for my own self made hell. Well, yea, OK, I guess it was self made, so no need to cast stones.

Anyway, my expert friend informs me I have more recourse and good arguments to pursue the liability matter with good chance of the right result. A bogus, dishonest and clearly tainted HP report is not the end all in this game. I'm glad I did what I could to try to let the anger go away, although it still is a bit sickening to think how many people are unjustly inconvenienced by authorities on a daily basis.

If a company can make another pay thousands of dollars, merely by doing a little investigation, then perhaps we can yet prevail. How lucky is it that I happen to play music with someone who knows the business, and the laws which apply to it? Good thing, because all I could think of was how unfortunate that I wasn't clearly able to nail these guys for prejudice, disrespect, lying and attempted humiliation. They'll get theirs. Those who have assaulted me with unreasonable authority or dishonesty in the past have all reaped what they sowed, and I did nothing. Life somehow handled it, if I kept my cool.

As long as there are steps to take, as much as I don't enjoy dealing with it, I can feel positive and like I'm doing the right thing while gaining some education. The education seems to cover multiple levels of existence in some cases.

Like the Sunshine super, I could have tripped out easy, but I'm changing my ways.

As much as anything, I do not enjoy preoccupation with these little dramas and setbacks. My anger is no fun for me or anyone around me. The logistics of positive action, rescuing myself in this game of chess, do interest me, and I enjoy it when I can see possibilities with proper outcomes. I like stories with happy endings, especially if I am one of the main characters. Sometimes you think you know the best plot line, but more than not, the best course is different than anticipated and the only influence one really has is to keep a good attitude and a pure heart.

There we go with that Pollyanna thing again. Truth is like that, very uncool if you don't really understand cool. Or the fact that there is more to life than meets the eye, and once in awhile you get a glimpse of things you can't describe or explain. Yet you understand it anyway. That is not really as meaningless a concept as it may sound to the uninitiated.

I have a feeling that the next few weeks or so will be full of surprises. I hope they are good. Right now so many things fall into the "I don't know" category that I feel as if I'm on a new planet. I know some of how I will earn rent, and some of what may come but far less than usual, which is not a whole lot. That is what makes my most mundane of days an adventure if I choose to ride it out with the good attitude, and a pure heart.

CA HP of El Cajon are still morons, but that's just the way it is--an obstacle to be avoided. Bump in the road and all that.

El Cajon, CA H.P.:idiocy of the Right and Left in action

Most of what has been presented as debate on issues in this country for the last fifty or a hundred years has been couched on either side with false premises. The most glaring of which would be that the activity being discussed is rightly the business of government in a free, constitutionally limited republic.

Just that description is too complex for most people to follow, especially since they are taught bizarre concepts about democracy, and a worship of the word without analysis.

I'm mad enough right now to jump off the mountain. Frustrated and angry.

The police report from the demise of the Blue Subaru finally reached completion. The officers who were at the scene playing bully and jokester, rather than allowing me to explain what happened or using their own eyes and brains to properly assess the situation, not only lied blatantly regarding my statements, and other matters, but they still listed the wrong point of impact and made up a few extra erroneous details.

If only I were of certain ethnic groups. I would be sure it was racial and I would go to the ACLU and others to fry these bastards. I'm fairly certain that the fac t I had TN plates and license tainted the issue. The were just ignorant enough and small minded enough to assume I was a backwoods hick, and that playing bully would be a blast. The second part they managed, to a point.

I'll find out how to dispute this, but it may not be easy. Idiots in this country have given over so much power to the police and to the state that truth and the obvious mean nothing. Idiotic right wing voices still go around praising the boys in blue as if their job is actually to deter violent crimes and keep good people safe so they can enjoy freedom. It is not, and they are not encouraged to protect the good from the bad. They are encouraged to exert control and to pick your pocket when possible.

The big myth is that they only harass Mexicans, Blacks, and the like. I know they do that, but the real line of demarkation is not racial, it is power. They harass whomever they think cannot or will not fight back. The idea that if you are behaving yourself and following the dumbass rules exempts you is, at best, overly optimistic.

Not all cops are that way, but what do you expect when such power is given and an individual is guilty before proving innocence? And how can you fight them when they lie and cover for one another? Too much power, too many laws, and a very bad management model which is based on an "us vs them" mentality can turn a marginally good cop into a sadistic bastard. I've witnessed the transformation myself in friends who took that job.

On one side you have these idiots who want to fine you for breathing because you put out CO2, and on the other idiots who think because someone in uniform is doing it, then he is right noble and the cause, war or beating with the night stick must be for the good country. Morons. Abuse of citizens and heavy handed police tactics are an abomination whether instigated by draconian social nonsense, a la Obama, or insane wars, a la Kennedy, Johnson, or Bush1&2. Admittedly, they are abusing the military in many cases and those people are sworn to obey and protect the Constitution. It poses a real dilemma for the most erudite and dedicated because most of the last many wars were in no way really protecting country or constitution. The right wants to pretend otherwise because the idiots on the left focussed so much hate against the military itself in years past. Neither is honestly concerned with how a free people should be able to live. It is sick.

Anyway, now I find out that the El Cajon, California Highway Patrol group has a reputation for being complete morons and never miss a chance to be a pain in the ass. Why I had to find out first hand, I do not know.

The thing that is both frustrating and scary is that they can lie, be as abrasive or abusive as they like, and you are at their mercy. It goes on everywhere, to be sure; some places more than others. But it is wrong and never should have been allowed to evolve to this point. Police states suck. Hasn't anyone ever seen the old WW2 movies and old films about life in Nazi Germany? Let alone the USSR. We are there and have been from one angle or another for a long time.

We gave up rights regarding being detained, searched, etc. in the name of the war on drugs, then the war on terror. Both are pretty much bullshit as far as actual efforts to deal with those matters. Much more zeal goes toward controlling and harassing innocent citizens than into stopping drug gangs or eliminating lunatic terrorists. But you always have the moron who claims he doesn't mind because he has nothing to hide. Wait until it hits home and he is the victim of lying police or insane government regs.

I'm pissed. They lied outright and got the report all wrong. Not a matter of opinion. Lies are lies. I'm pissed at all those who welcomed the police state with open arms. That includes the blind rightists who think anything with a flag on it is ok and that makes you patriotic, as well as the dumbass leftists who think they know best how everyone should live their lives, raise their children, and what car you should drive. Neither group believes in live and let live to the greatest possible peaceful extent. No, you gotta wear a goddamed helmet or something, or God forbid don't even dream of not having that baby. IDIOTS.

The only way life works is when you accept the limit that you have to let others take actions you may not agree with, but to do otherwise opens the door for your own choices to be dictated to you. Neither so-called side gets it. They are the same. They only believe in limits when it suits them. No comprehension of guiding principles. And it makes me sick. I'm thinking a hollow tree that is miles from everywhere may be about all that's left. Of course you have figure a way to make campfires without smoke because they'll come in helicopters and charge offsets or find other ways to ruin your day.

I've had it. You can keep your Pelosis Obamas Bushs Cheneys Kennedys Bidens Reids, etc. Don't get me going on Arnold. In the past I thought it a low blow to talk of his forebears having some nazi connection. Now, like all hard core socialists I see he is in lockstep with our modern version of that philosophy. People don't comprehend how nazis and USSR communists, too, belched speeches of compromise and sacrifice and the better good, while screwing people over. People forget how popular Hitler, Stalin, and others were. The true ugliness was no so apparent until it was too late--at least for the millions and millions killed or made miserable by such states.

The trick is to make sure most people are not too uncomfortable while they are being sold into slavery. That way they go willingly, looking at people like me as lunatic rabble rousers and trouble makers. It's the old slow boil of the frog syndrome.

Damned I am pissed

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