Thursday, April 9, 2009

Head Banging

I just deleted a lengthy treatise on why energy development should be private, as in run by evil capitalists, and decentralized, as in figure a way to power the home, at the home, or the neighborhood, rather than be hostage to remote huge central sources. It's far more secure as well.

It is a waste of time to try to push such ideas. But it does seem like something is seriously wrong with the setup, as we know it, and definitely as the rest of the world knows it, or wants to.

When I mentioned the thought that I ought to figure out some sort of business venture to undertake, I was thinking more in terms of lucrative project. Something I would enjoy. A business like a bike shop or prostitution ring is not what I have in mind. Nothing against either of those enterprises, although I don't know how much true happiness can be had there. I guess the bicycle enthusiast and the hooker enthusiast find it worthwhile. I rarely see these bicycle people smiling though. They are all around here and have the expression that they are on a mission from Godt. Suicidal lot, I'll say that. We have ample lanes lined out but they still prefer the middle of the road in places which are not very safe.

As for hookers and their clients, I don't really know. I see what could be working girls around the area and some look happy enough, and ever so qualified. That profession covers a wide spectrum between the five dollar dumpster crack whore to sky's the limit, designer clad grad student. For varying reasons, I couldn't afford either one. Mentally, if nothing else. The idea of paying someone to like me seems a little depressing. Maybe if I were the one getting paid I'd view it differently.

I think I am overdoing it on this teak. How many times can you go back over something? How smooth can it be and how many microscopic little whatnots are you going to deal with? This stuff is beginning to look like it belongs in the house with the other multi big buck antiques and furniture that is too foo foo to even be utilitarian. I like crude, comfortable furniture. Maybe I'm just too clumsy for delicate fine things and dishes that break if looked at wrong.

My traffic treasure updates have fallen behind. I dodged a big box in the road but was going to fast to read what was possibly inside of it. Could have just been a rodeo clown practicing or something.

I neglected to mention the other day the pedestrian reported strolling in the median and another selling water on the on-ramp. They included those in the list of things on various roads. Today all I heard was that there were boxes somewhere, and a big planter. I'm not sure if the latter was a gardener, and maybe due to California law had to call himself a planter to avoid licensing.

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