Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Soothing Agents Wear Off Quickly Enough

That means I'm suckered into worrying about things of which I'd rather not think. Not interested, and it dampens the mood.

There are times when I wonder if I am dealing with a schemer, a dunce, or a mental case.  Mental case is the scariest.  I may be dealing with just that.  I enlisted help at the semi daily job.  I think I either created a monster or just bought a brand new one, right out of the box.

No need to rehash the saga.  Suffice to say, I do not get it.  The guy will not listen.  It is like trying to tell a rebellious 17 year old boy something.  Then they go and do exactly what you warned against and prove your point.

This one has me really baffled.  I needed the help, and helped this guy out a lot.  Then it gets weird.

I don't even know what to say to people who break my trust or demonstrate extreme discourtesy or lack of respect, in the context of pretending friendship, or accepting help.  In most, if not all, contexts, I guess.  Anyway, the respect part and trust part aren't up to comfortable levels at this time.

I won't be so down physically for long, and it is improving a little.   Amazing how people will prey on a thing like that.  I'm a little sorry.  They do not want to try sneaky destructive games with me.  It will backfire on them if I keep myself under control and stay mindful of things.  I will not keep people in my life who try to rob me while I'm down.

It could be the guy is nuts and somehow believes he is always right no matter what and anyone offended no matter what he does must be lacking in awareness.

Maybe I just forget it. Trouble is I got him in and on the books.  Big mistake.  Maybe if they background check he won't fly.  I would think they know a lot about me or anyone working there.  If not, that is serious lapse.  It is that sort of situation.

Something is askew, that is all I know.

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