Monday, December 5, 2011

I Wonder How things Really Work

Aside from the fact that any big time election contains no well heeled candidates who share my philosophy, I still can't help but pay attention here and there, and draw certain conclusions.

Clearly the powers that be in the Republican part are as set on keeping people divided on something other than philosophy as their brethren in the Democratic party. And like the last election and the one when Bush 1 went for a second term, they are out to lose.

I could be wrong but when Trump is hosting a major debate, I think the shark has been jumped. I'm so at odds, or think I am, with the prevailing Obama Democrat philosophy that I don't want him re-elected, but, Holy Smoke!, what is the opposition doing? Their front runner, at one time or another, has backed umpteen policies which are the same as those the present administration is pushing. The same ones that leave me cold, and concerned.

The whole thing feels a bit manipulated, considering the way only chosen candidates got attention before they had any support. It's a dog and pony show, and sometimes even looks real.

I may have to run again, and write myself in.

I shouldn't be doing this much writing or reading. I haven't read news, just heard it on the street, and on the radio. They make you feel like you ought to choose a team from those presented, but I have to say I am once again a lukewarm fan at best. No team trips my trigger. What they tend to do when they get the job has been rubbing me the wrong way, though.

Oh well. Vote for me. I promise not to play golf or basketball. And I will never ask myself how I can make your life better, won't give you a hard time for being fat, will refuse to differentiate between Americans based on ethnicity, who you screw, or anything else of that nature, won't pretend to be king, and will tell many lobby groups to screw off. I will piss off environmentalists, Wall Street, unions, and every other freedom killing, blood sucking group. If I live to serve a second term, I probably won't run.

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