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The Stuff of Priests

"Corporate greed and profit" are not really the root of the problem.   The evolution of the corporation as an entity does deserve scrutiny, however the ill results often attributed to freedom, free enterprise and business are very much the work of priests in varied forms.

People are suckers for the supernatural.   And they are suckers for being led.  Long ago, kings who ruled according to might makes right, found that some bit of partnering with priests and witch doctors served them well.

Priests found that the more frightened and poor the people, the more power they would wield.  In modern America people have begun to substitute various causes for religion, but the requirement of faith is still there.   And the leaders of such movements, some based solely on race or other irrelevant factor, are very much in partnership with the lords of the land.  They deliver unto them the votes of the unwashed.

In the mean time the less scrupulous among the corporate world also deliver the vote, and receive much in return.  It can be nearly impossible to function if a company of size neither seeks nor gives favor in that arena. Atheists of sorts.  And they are likely to perish or be smote.

It is so sad to see people fall for this over and over again.  If normal basic laws were enforced, and government did not partner with business, gay alliances, racial groups, or foreign interests, much of what is called corporate greed and corruption would not be possible, or else the true source of the evil would be clearly seen as those who rule rather than serve.

It is natural.  Many among us feel that they are the chosen ones who need to lead the poor idiots who can't think for themselves.  They believe that includes just about all of us.  Maybe they are right.  Then again maybe they are a bunch of self important, obnoxious T word-s.

There you go.  I am PC as can be so you have to know what is the T word.  Hint--four letters, ends in T, has one vowel which is not I.

Anyway, by having a devil to point at they manage to keep the heat off themselves while sapping the life and humanity and money out of the population more and more every day.

You may think the religion thing has been put to rest, but you're being fed far taller tales by the president and all the others in love with governing.  In love with power.  Ye of little faith no doubt felt a bit of skepticism when they started in with the QE business. After QE 2 or so, one may lose faith.

If they say a law, tax or money printing will make it all better, then they must be right.  No way would they use tax money to do things which enrich or empower their cronies and/or themselves to the long term detriment of the society and country.  Oh hell no.

Really, priests and politicians are both loathe to objectively prove their worth or why they should be paid, yet they both do well.  Both groups present arguments which take a bit of faith to swallow.   Overall, holy men in this age are more worth their wage.  Not saying much considering jihad and such.

There's an alter boy quality to the smug self-satisfied aspect of the self righteousness that over-regulators and regulator wannabes exude.   They really think they are smarter, therefore it is their duty to make decisions for the rest of us.   For our own good.  Those people feel so good in their superiority.

I feel more angry in mine.  And that's the difference.

 Don't want to be told what to do.  Don't want to tell anyone what to do.  Don't have to prove to you that I'm smarter.  And I'm not here to fight for your whatever.  Not going to feel your pain.  Don't care.

Even smart people who see themselves as destined to be part of the decision making club sucker for the zeal, often professing fealty to The Cause.  No definition of it just The Cause.  Like in China or Cuba.  Really, it is all about the Revolution in Cuba, but what revolution?   Against Castro?

The Castros preach allegiance to The Revolution, which I think ended Jan. 1, 1959.   It is a religious thing.  Just another word for God.  Fidel is the pope, or maybe now he shares that title with Raul.   Che was a saint or prophet in that faith. Same witch doctor psychology.   Possibly a human need seeded deep in our DNA.

Those other ones feel your pain only if you admit that they are God.  It works.  They'll find ways to reward the believers while punishing the infidels.  Sometimes that approach will yield you over ninety percent of an ethnic group's votes.  And like many in Islamic countries, they'll just about kill you if you bring up any facts or logical points counter to their faith.

I gotta get a life



A Farewell To Arms

Not the least of strange things to come out of all the alleged discussion of guns and ammo was the implication by some charlatan in one of the states' legislatures that armed women on a college campus could be dangerous because they might just think a person is a rapist and therefore shoot people needlessly.  He indicated that a better deterrent to bad guy aggression is to fend them off with a ball point pen.

People of a certain ilk are totally sure that you need only what they imagine you need, and that you ought not have any issue with an appointed or elected authority being the arbiter of needs, wants, and responsibilities.   I should point out that the idea of a elected authority misses the point of a constitutional republic designed to protect individual rights, and designed to prevent what is known as tyranny of the majority.

Theoretically, the people are the authority, not those elected to whatever office, and not bureaucrats they appoint.  Not even cops are supposed to be "authorities" as such.   But I'm unlikely to tell a policeman that to his face unless I want to die or be given cheap electro-shock therapy with a side of broken bones.

The tenacious grip of the feudal mentality has diluted the thing so much that even in the US elected officials are treated as royalty and have special perks to prove it.  This will prove more and more difficult in days to come.  But it is a slow boil so most of us don't care.

I've heard people on radio ranting about the guy who allegedly slapped a baby on a plane.   Due to political correctness,  we can only guess what he allegedly said.  Supposedly he said something about  "shut this N-word baby up", or something like that.

Now, either the guy is very odd and insults people by saying, "N word, F word", pronouncing letters of the alphabet followed by the word "word", or else the reporters assume that we know for sure what N word means.  I'm thinking he may have called the kid a nincompoop.

From the little I've seen of this story, I am skeptical of its veracity.  My bet is that two obnoxious people were seated together, one of which had a screaming two year old, and one of which tried to drown the noise in booze.  Could be a bad combo.   Somehow the parents' reactions as far as I could tell--from limited info-struck me as more feigned than real outrage.

Innocent until proven guilty is the best approach, especially since I wasn't there and neither were all the people writing comments on less than complete news stories, or calling talk shows blustering on about how they would have torn this villain to shreds.

Of course, people like Al Sharpton have made their living by fueling fires of outrage, ignoring the facts of given situations when they didn't suit his purpose.  He often jumps in armed with no facts, basing all on skin color.  Even then he gets it wrong.  Like with Zimmerman who is not much more white than Al. It was more suited to Al's purpose to just pretend, and people probably still want to pretend that this is a sign of rampant white on black crime.  Facts can get in the way.

This willingness to jump on bandwagons without all the relevant information is not good.  People do love it though.  And so do those who seek to control your resources and wealth.  A malleable population is the tool of charlatans who make their living in elected office.

The gun debate has brought out embarrassing rhetoric all around.  I'm sorry that so many of them narrowly share my sentiments.   It has been a windfall for those who make their living manipulating statistics and study results.   I'm of the view that more controls will not make people safer, and that the actual trend in crimes and murder is not all of a sudden escalating.  I think abuses by those in power, who enforce their will with guns, cages, and theft of property are on the rise.

This view leads me to feel more nervous knowing that law abiding, innocent citizens may soon find it difficult to carry weapons.  I never understood the whole concealed carry thing.   If you have a pistol, I prefer not to see it unless you have to use it.

Concealed carry just seems more polite and less inflammatory or prone to complications than open carry.  So why does that require a permit in some states, but open carry doesn't?  If any permit ought be required, though I think not, it should be the other way around.  Concealed--no permit.  Waving it around==permit.

If I decide to arm up, I'll do like lots of people do, screw asking for permission.  Of course, I wouldn't dream of not registering my assault slingshot, and assault rocks.

So, if I had my way Obama would spend the next four years secretly playing golf in Florida, insulated from the press.  Please, run away and hide and do no more public business of any kind.  This is my reaction to complaints about his secret golf game.  I do not care if he ever talks to another reporter.  I already know we are at odds on the most basic ideals, so why worry over the day to day details?

If only this thing of hiding out and being invisible and silent to the press would set a trend in Hollywood and Congress.  How sweet that would be.


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