Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What You Can't See, can hurt you

So, sometimes things catch my eye online.
I was on facebook on an unremarkable post.
Someone commented, "I'm a Cali girl. Always". 
I thought she said, "Call girl." Could be time to update the specs. I almost made an inappropriate financial inquiry. Yikes.

I need to check an see if maybe you will buy me glasses through medicare or some other program. I think they allow you to get an eye on a stick every year or two. At least that is what the poor people get.

I'm relieved. Not a call girl figuratively strutting her stuff. Just the usual Cali girl deal. Reminds me of Miami in a way. Code for trouble. That is all I will say. It is to myself. Steer clear. Pure fluff and no stuff ahead. Maybe it is the cadence of certain phrases that mark the dangerously unsatisfying relationship, yet to happen.

Some things never change. No matter how hard we pretend.

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