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Quick Word To Anarchists

Do you not find it ironic, and a bizarre mixed message to have a logo and actual organized groups? You are supposed to be anarchists, meaning you do not support authority of any kind outside your own good judgement. (an obvious stretch there)

As soon as you organize, ally with the most archist of all archy, communist groups, and strategize group activities, you are only being hypocrites. Fake anarchists. Bubble anarchists.

Having a nifty logo which is easy to spray paint on private and public property, and doing so, suggests that you are more a member of a vandalism cult. I know that the term "anarchy" is usually associated with chaos and crime, but I'd think that one who thinks governments can be done without would think that because he/she feels that such organizations have less respect and conscience than the vast majority of people.

What the logo, the destruction of property, the alliances do is paint a picture of a group of very bratty people who love to destroy that on which they depend for sustenance while pretending to possess a philosophy.

I've been accused of being very close to anarchist in my social philosophy, and neither I nor my accusers ever considered that title meant one who seeks to create chaos. It just means without rulers. Not the kind the nuns use, you nincompoops, the kind who run your organization and the groups with which you ally.

You play right into the hands of those who love a jack boot, all powerful central authority, and you give those who are highly skeptical of most regulation a bad name.

Rock n Roll In The Back Country

Sometimes where I live in East San Diego County is called the Back Country. I think there is even a little rag publication called Back Country news or gazettee--some such thing.

We've been having news worthy rain the past day. Rain is not a common occurrence here or anywhere in SoCal. The place is just not built for it by man nor nature.

There I was on the winding two lane road between Ballistic Mountain and Alpine. Actually, I was headed home. It was raining hard enough, temperature in the 30's (! that's cause for alarm in and of itself!!), when I see what appeared to be clods of weeds and mud on the right side of the road.

It was dark and visibility was poor. As I passed I wondered if that was debris caused by someone running their car over the side. It goes down a ways on that side. So, I drove up the road until I found a wide enough place to turn around.

Now the clifflike bluffs are on my right. I see some more cloddy looking masses in my lane as I headed back to the potential accident site, but couldn't make out clearly what they were.

I took the path that avoided most of them, doing about 40. This path meant that I'd straddle one prominent one. I'd estimated that I had enough clearance, and I did until it reached somewhere toward the rear of the car. At that point I heard and felt a pronounced thump.

My brakes still worked and I didn't hear sounds of car pieces dragging the road or falling off so I continued to see if the other debris was from an unfortunate motorist. There was no sign of people that I could see and no tire marks so I once again turned around.

When I reached the place where the thump occurred I was able to find enough shoulder to get off the road. Still raining a cold nasty rain--one of my favorite things when performing outdoor tasks. Really.

The clods turned out to be some heavy boulders which had fallen from the bluffs. A mini landslide I guess. It seemed only right to get them off of the road. A lower car could be in big trouble if the driver didn't see what was there. My car may have suffered, although a flashlight inspection of the underside, in the cold cold rain, revealed no damage.

In predictable California fashion, as soon as I was underway again, a rude idiot in a pickup truck races up to tailgate me, on a slippery road, with debris, in a very dark area, in the rain. This is why I carry no firearm. I probably would have shot a hole in his radiator. Or her radiator, whatever the case. It is usually a guy in such cases. The women jerks who drive like that are normally in different types of vehicles which I won't describe. My generalizations tend to get out of hand if I am not careful.

That is one thing about this state, there are some very nice people, but the basic culture is a bit edgy and rude in a pushy yet not quite mano a mano sort of way. On the road, they tend to be what can best be described as pricks. Still not as stupid and bizarre as Memphis, mind you, but certainly not as polite as Seattle or Boise. Unlike Memphis, the prickishness is purposeful, not the by-product of incurable ignorance.

So, though it ended with thoughts of doing violence to a back country moron, I did my good deed. It would have been two good deeds had someone been off the side down the hill. And, considering the thump and the annoyance of some tailgating redneck moron, the deeds did not go unpunished.

On the up side I got to enjoy performing a task in the dark, rainy, cold night and that was kind of fun.

Guess There Is A Reason For Success

I hate her for being smarter and way more interesting to others than I am, but the best description of a certain state of mind that I have seen can be found at hyperbole and a half. on blogger. The difference in my case is that I am not a girl, and I have had a war with myself and sadness for decades to one degree or another. And lately, a whole lot. Except I don't cry, other than when watching advertisements or westerns.

The Gods Must Be Crazy; part 11042011

It seems I have little material to write about ever since I attempted not to include much from current events, as fed to us from various media sources. That may have been a bad bit of advice, and a mistake on my part. Whenever I try to change to make better sense to others, or to please them, it results in failure or worse.

The "that" which I discovered people have to get past in order to appreciate or accept me may actually be the essence of what keeps me alive. I don't expect that to make sense to anyone. Some people don't find there is anything much to get past or overlook. Others find it maddening and think it is unnecessary and voluntary. I guess it is the way things go; different people find different things appealing, annoying, and worthwhile.

People can be very weird, to put it kindly. Just look at the way people gossip, trashing others to make themselves feel better. Look at the world of politics and the magic appearance of scandal whenever the wrong candidate shows popularity.

It is also interesting in politics how some people get tainted with a little scandal and it is excused, while others go under the bus, and the bus backs up runs over them, then backs up and does it again. And often in those cases, the scandal is trivial or largely fictitious. It only works because so many people thrive on that sort of thing. Or they are sadly gullible, not sure which.

Who was it that said "it isn't the legitimacy of the charge so much as the seriousness of the charge that counts"? I'm paraphrasing there. Seems like it was a prominent senator regarding something some anonymous source said about a political foe of his. Was it Kennedy who said it? I vaguely recall it was someone who'd managed to get away with murder in the past. Good thing those people don't live in glass houses. If they do it is bullet proof.

I've never seen so much national rhetoric which passes for thought which only demonstrates a total lack of understanding of what a republic is and what limits on power were meant to do. Obviously it doesn't occur to many of the Occupy crowd that you can't have bought off government, excessive lobby influence, without first giving those officials too much power to begin with. And without the government/business partnerships they so proudly announce.

What is the definition of crony capitalism if not a government-business partnership?

Good thing the president is not all powerful, is not a monarch, and is not elected to be supreme leader and dictator. Bad thing that most people don't realize that, and that many who seek that office feed the ignorant, erroneous view.

Of course trial lawyers love the people who make the most laws, add regulations in lieu of enforcing existing laws, and dream up convoluted rules which get through with few people noticing. Keeps them in the money.

I've not heard anything more about PETA suing Seaworld on the basis that they are violating the Constitution by enslaving whales and dolphins (persons who happened not to be born human). It does warm the heart to think that tax money which comes out of what we get paid would finance all the court time, judges salaries, etc., to handle such a worthy cause and circus.

I guess we've seen people who appear to not have been born human be the cause of considerable tax expense as well. I don't think PETA worries about them.

Oh well. There are organizations with slogans like, "because the earth needs a good lawyer", and a big push to be the legal representative of rodents and bears, so why not trees, bees, mosquitoes and poison ivy?

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