Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Practice Doesn't Always Make Perfect, etc.

Tonight was one of the most disjointed practices ever. I think I know why, but that is best left unremarked. For my part, I just did not feel too zippy or with it. No one really did. Very odd.

When you are running out of time before a gig, and you do the kind of stuff that is not a platform for ad-lib, then it is best not to change things or cast doubt where none existed. Just saying.

I've got the ability to keep trucking after a mistake so it will be OK. But I am not so much of a singer and I am doing some singing. If only I could do that high pitched scream thing. No way I'd want to do the American Idol pop/broadway hybrid style. It takes talent but it usually lacks the stuff of true soul or blues or whatever is born of emotion. It tends to be a technical, computer generated algorithm which results in how emotion should sound. Not always, but plenty. I quit watching it long ago, and only did for awhile, which means my assessment cannot be taken as thoroughly researched and valid. Though it may be accurate. Who knows?
Note to lady staying at Mr Big's place: If you make fire in the fireplace, and the damper, known as the flue, is not open, the smoke will fill the room. Calling around town to get opinions on the question, "Would it be good to throw baking soda on it to put it out?" may not be the ideal first response.

People in high places seem to keep less than resourceful company. This does not bode well for certain circles of power in this country. Some of them cannot open doors without breaking door knobs, others cannot operate toilets without breaking them, others can't use a table or wooden tray without disfiguring it, and this latest one can't use a fireplace without wreaking havoc on the interior of the house.

That probably means work for me, but for some reason it is less rewarding when you are basically picking up after people who believe they are above taking responsibility for any of their actions. They are much too important. Apparently being a nitwit is how you assert your importance in that particular network. And they put on the front of being so dedicated to helping the downtrodden. God save the downtrodden if these are their saviors.
A news mannequin referred to the dissenters and mobs in the mideast as "freedom fighters". I'm skeptical but hope he is right. Far too often, what appears to be a righteous revolution pitting those who seek freedom against tyrants ends up being a war between two different tyrannical units. Often it doesn't become evident until it is too late. And often it is not what the rank and file wanted, or they did not really have good definition of what they wanted. I'm not there so I don't know. But I doubt many of them do either. It is very tricky for the vultures not to seize opportunities during these "transitions".
If only Jesse would fly over there with his megaphone.
I still say, "Let what happens in Wisconsin stay in Wisconsin". Outsiders, you probably have your own issues that are screwed up. let your state or city set the example. In my case maybe I can let one tenth of my life get straightened out enough to be an example. No way I could begin to unravel the local official city and country rabble here. If I did have the power the only thing I'd feel confident about is deporting a couple of El Cajon Highway Patrolmen to NYC or somewhere. I'd certainly fire them and give them no pensions or severance pay. And I'd ban them from any position of authority, and not let them own a gun.

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