Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Notes to Self, mostly

I'm in a good mood and wanted to write it down. That compulsion to write whether I have anything to say, anyone who cares to read it, or not. My cross to bear.

I'm continuing to try to not let the state of the union bother me. The only thing that is likely to have an impact is that plan to fine you if you don't get insurance. Those who compare health insurance to auto insurance are victims of faulty logic. The two are not analogous. My appendectomy is not going to land you or your car in the body shop or morgue. One simple fact is that you do not know what works in the lives of others or how they might best serve their own needs, beliefs and desires, so assuming you know best how they ought to handle life's details is arrogant and annoying.

It is beautiful, if a little warm out here on the far out coast. More warm in the east county than by the sea. Despite all, today I sense that opportunity abounds if one has the nerve and energy to chase it.

Most likely these things come in cycles; one day you feel showered with love and acceptance, the next it may seem like you are completely out of phase with all living things and that they probably don't like you because of it. I've rarely felt like such a magnet for the kind of people and interaction I want like I do out here. I've been fortunate and I find it hard to imagine not making that decision to go west. It amazes me even yet how this adventure has progressed. I wonder if my secret plan is going to unfold as I am beginning to imagine, and hope. I'd say it may be possible.

Been playing a little music with my friends and I think we are going to expand the scope a bit. Saturday we will join about 100 other musicians for a private party of non stop music and maybe some jamming. That could be very interesting. I better practice while driving to and from my work at Barry world. You can practice blues harp on the road with good results. It is far less distracting than talking on the phone. Texting, forget it.

It still bothers me that certain inventions and developments need doing and could improve lives. I got to get one of those things in the works, even if I'm not quite sure of the end product. I know the parameters some of these things should meet, and that serves as the guide when refining designs or creating the process. It just takes believing yourself, trusting your mind and instincts. Easier said than done but lots of fun when you do it and find your idea was valid.

There was a roll of carpet on The whatever highway. Maybe an alert motorist scarfed it up and has it listed on craigslist or ebay.
Not much else of interest lately on the roads. There have been a few couches and some wheels and tires. None or items I need at the moment. I'm convinced that you could make a living cruising the roads picking up things that get dropped. I still wonder why so many people don't get the correlation between securing cargo in the truck and having it arrive at its final destination. I see plenty of truck loads of things that look ready to fall off. Must be a local fear of rope or tie down straps. Kinky as they reportedly are, you'd think tying things up would be their specialty.

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