Friday, December 11, 2015

Privilege? Un be friggin lievable!!!

Everything now is privilege.  White privilege. Because you are white, you suck.,  You have no bills, are ushered to the front of every line, and people give you unlimited credit without so much as asking if you have a source of income.

And now, on facebook--of course--I see talk of male privilege.  It had to do with some man--possibly fictitious--who was upset, at a college party, that the hostess had placed tampons and pads in a basket in the bathroom, in plain sight.  The guy supposedly complained saying that guys don't want to see that.  So, the person writing about this event calls this "male privilege", and further claims that this is why she still needs to be a feminist.

Feminist by it's very meaning is somewhat exclusive.  And combative.  A masculinist would be a dolt.  What kind of clown would really go for that?   Oh. Maybe the shari'a law people.  OK.  I guess my point is gone. Wasted.  That must be my male privilege.  Or is one the flipside of the other.?  Cut from the same cloth.  I hope not.  I think these things vary, person to person.

I don't know about male privilege.  Maybe I should talk about my special purpose...

So, as long as there are "jerks like this" she will be in her for-and-about-women-only armor.  There is no mention of crazy, rude, inconsiderate, male abusing women.  But, in reality, it is always the male who needs training according to those who create political correctness and terms like "white privilege", etc.  I need to find a way to throw in the words, "empower" and "robust", and that will put me right in the mainstream of the cliched concerned activist who just wants what is best for you.  And wishes you to have just that whether you want it or not.

Male privilege.  Come on people.  Say what you are thinking.  "I hate white men!!" ( Unless they grovel and claim that they, too hate white men.)  Being gay helps because it almost erases your "whiteness" and your privilege..

There used to be female privilege, but that is rapidly dying.   For whatever reason that women want to be in combat, they are setting the stage for girls to have to register with selective service, too.  What a name--Selective Service.  No service to it.  The DRAFT.   I don't think people have any idea how awful it is to have the draft hanging over you.  You are in high school trying to get by and maybe you do not want to be required to serve for a war with no clear defensive purpose.

I hope the active draft never returns.  But if it does, I will be very sad if women, too, get drafted.  Gays screwed up, too, in a way.  Now you can't get out of the draft that way.  Under don't ask don't tell you could bail on the military by coming out.  In a situation of being drafted for a bogus war, avoiding the draft is not hurting your country.  The draft and the bogus war are.  Same to me either way. You go girls and all that tripe.  That must be my male privilege rearing its head.

I loved the draft.  Being a slave of the state is just cool as can be.

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