Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dinner and a Sawbuck

It was a benefit of some kind for the betterment of a rebuilding Crest. They were burned out by fires awhile back. The community center is new, and a pretty cool building.

The place was pretty well packed. It is not large.

People don't like me saying so but I was not overly pleased with our performance. Fortunately 2 of my bandmates have been doing stuff as a trio with another guy for ten years, so they sounded very good doing sets without me.

Our stuff is just not down pat yet. Myself and another guy are kind of new to this thing. The two who play as a duo and trio with that other guy are getting used to us, and we are getting used to ourselves. At heart, I think I'm a Latin jazz guy or world music type. It's very rare that I've played anything remotely like that, but I think that's kind of where I am, with a heavy dose of blues infused into the mix.

Anyway, it was funny how it worked out. I'm talking about the gig we played tonight in case I've started in the middle of the story here. We all lost our way at different times and simultaneously but managed to wing it enough to muddle through and still have fun.

The harmonies of the trio were really good, so the overall evening was surprisingly entertaining. My friends who showed up enjoyed it, I think. You never know what things will be and hate for friends to come and be disappointed. I had a great time, and some lady who has marathon jams at her house gave me a card. Reportedly a lot of heavy hitters like to play her house concerts.

I'm pretty sure I didn't act too disappointed with my flubs. That is an area where I need improvement. I always expect to be at a particular level and when I miss, it hits me hard. I know better than to mess up but do it anyway. Going from adlib and jam to rather precise set music takes a little work. I can do it and that's good to know.

Overall I'd say my bandmates are every bit as good as I thought. Actually I think they are even better than I thought.

So, in addition to the requisite donation at the door there was a tip jar. It bought all of us a big dinner at an Italian pizza, etc. place, including a healthy tip, and left us each $5.00 to boot. I was not expecting anything. I figured a benefit is a benefit. Made out like a bandit. One of the ladies at the Community center place gave me a care package of cookies, brownies, and cupcakes, all home made and tasty as can be. So, here I am, in Caleeforneeya, playing country/folk in the mountains in a once burned out town. I wouldn't have predicted this.

I find the whole thing amazing.

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