Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Everyone is, or was, A Friggin Genius

I was reading some comments elsewhere. Not a friend's place, so forget me promoting it. What got me was that at least three people had to say how they were in advanced high school before college, were encouraged to skip this or that, exempted this and that in college, etc. In other words they were claiming to be super geniuses. And that pisses me off.

Why?, you ask. I'm thinking it is because when you are the real deal and stylishly humble, such poor form hits a nerve.
Or it just annoys me because I see it as a way to scare off dissenters. Who wants to debate Leonardo DaVinci or Albert Einstein?

It could be I feel like it points me out to be a dimwit by implication. Whatever the case, if everyone was that smart, then I doubt we'd have wars and way too expensive gas, and Cuban coffee now at 6.99. So, not all those people are what they say.

I don't engage people at those places anyway. They might make me look stupid, and they might be nuts who would come hunt me down.

IT does get me sometimes, how many people seem to be so damned smart, according to them. I consider the smart people as the ones whose kids still speak to them and who have some semblance of security as well. The very smartest are those who have been married forever, still like their spouses, have offspring who speak to them, and who have a decent livelihood as well. If they did it honestly then I think they are brilliant. I never did figure out how to do those things. To me, that is true genius--a happy family unit.

The next best thing? A Ballistic Tour!!!

I guess I have finally committed myself to the road trip. I'm hitting it in a few weeks come hell or high water. Gas prices will be what they be and I hope it levels off.

If it gets bad enough, I'll sell the car and buy a motorcycle. Or not.

Anyway, I hope to get to all the places I need to go; AZ to see my long time Miami friend, TX for relatives, MS to meet Sugar Blue, NC to catch up with the Bass/harp man and to check out a place in the mountains, and hit the Outer Banks, maybe see if Bobby is up for letting me sit in up the coast in VA, then maybe get up to NY to see my old pal, and MA to see the other old pal, and NH just because.

There are other Sugar Blue Videos but this is the best. I like this band the best, too. They know how to bring it down and then back up.
This is a blues man. Maybe my favorite. Blues genius, since we were talking genius.

Maybe I won't get even to NC, but I hope so. I'm not sure about the rest. The farther away, the greater the chances that time and money will not work out.
It's been negative investment long enough--may as well use it and go from there.

I look out at these little mountains and hills and kind of think I will like coming back west. I just wish the west hadn't suckered for being so high priced and over regulated. I do like the wide open thing of points west in this country, and the giant mountains. With luck I can loop the return trip through CO and some of that.

I have 3 tents, one of which is a bit battered from the winds in Taos and Page, AZ from the big Tour to the unknown which landed me here. Hotels cost too much, and much as I hate to admit it, I kind of look forward to seeing if I can do it this way.

Been cooking on a hotplate for 2 years, so that's almost like camping. But this bed, with that memory foam on top is way comfortable. Not sure how to cope with missing that for a month or 6 weeks.

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