Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Along For The Ride

If it isn't too many, it is too few.  That is how the world of stuff in my blood goes.  So from way too many platelets, we now have dangerously low number .  And there is the anemia talk still.

I'll have to again be more proactive.  I forgot to make them give me lab reports last time.  They agreed to mail them and get me hooked into a web portal for records and more.  We'll see.  They screw up a lot.  They seem unclear about what you have done.  Or even who you are.

It is crazy.  Dracula will have my folder in his hand and ask a question that should be very evident from the records.  Scary.  Never assume that the big medical outfits have it right.  Even if you feel so bad you can't read without great effort, you are the only quality control for your care.  Just a fact.

I have caught them screwing up more than once, and I am not one who is usually a complainer in most places like that.  You have to be vigilant or they will mistakenly remove things you want to keep; various genital parts, spleen, kidney, you name it.

Anyway, it is quite obvious we have some blood issues due to the odd bruises which appear and linger.  Other stuff like reaction to heat etc. could be just mental so I can't go too far on that.
I will get the info then see what Drac has to say about maybe a lower dose of hydrea, and then figure out on my own how to make things work better.  I certainly won't discount Dracula's take on things, but I won't leave it not investigated, either.

So, for the second time, I played House of Blues.  I believe I made a small impression.  Who knows.  Not sure what I think about the group.  I still believe we are not doing ourselves justice.  We need to take this material and weave really memorable music around it.  Good as the lyrics are, many of the tunes tend to bore people a bit, judging from my observations and feedback from anonymous sources.  Of course the anonymous sources think I should be highlighted more, etc.  I am not so sure of that.  Do not want redundancy or too much of highlighting anyone.

A little flattery is nice, but I know what's what.  To go further I do know what we need.  It would require yet another personnel change I think.

Right now I best mind my own business.  I had to try to rest all day just to be up for the one hour show.  And I was.  I still prefer two hour shows which demand a lot from me. If I am not physically drained like I've run a marathon, I feel a little disappointed, even when the one hour is the best ever.

It gets hot in SoCal as soon as you go to far east to see the ocean.

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