Monday, April 21, 2014

More Effective than Water Boarding

They probably already do this.  Snowden may have already included this in files made public.   If you wanted information from  reluctant sources, what you would do is give them some sort of allergy for no good reason.  They'll tell you anything you want to make it ease up, provided you did well in designing the allergy.

What really sucks is when you run around, searching out government agents and foreigners, throwing yourself in their path, "Ok, OK, I'll tell you whatever you want to know. Just make this attack go away."  Don't you hate it that not only are they not interested in any information you may have, they have no control over your condition.  Two strikes, easily.

Nothing to do but to refuse to spill the beans.  "You'll never make me tell you where the treasure is hidden, ten paces south of the old tree, then forty three miles, north, north east.  And you can't miss it".
So, I'll stand up in defiance of The Man.

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