Friday, March 11, 2011

I Was Thinking; again, part311

Soon we have to spring forward with our clocks. Why? They have found that it may actually result in more energy usage; certainly no meaningful savings.

Another one of those meaningless things that we all* do because THEY say so. Nothing wrong with starting the day an hour earlier. It is nice to be a kid playing ball in Miami at 8PM while it is still daylight in May or June. I remember that. But we could have just started life earlier and accomplished the same thing.

There are other lifestyles that don't really get a big thrill out of it. I've had jobs that began early in the morning, before daylight. So, once I sprang forward, I just worked an extra hour in the dark, or in cases where it was outdoor work, we had to start an hour later--actually the same time, in reality.

People say that Ben Franklin invented this peculiar manipulation of society. I was quite relieved to discover this is not true. I'm not sure who railroaded this hoax or why, but it was not Ben. He did write an essay dealing with the subject, inspired by some country's workers in Europe (He spent years in Europe). He was being his typical self and being satirical, and funny (he thought). He was JOKING!! Ben did not seriously think people would set their clocks differently to fool themselves into getting up earlier. It was a joke about how to get even more work out of a group over there who already had the reputation for hard work, dawn to dusk.

Isn't it typical that it would filter down so that you are told it was Ben Franklin's grand idea? Ben was a prolific inventor, essayist, and accomplished statesman, and sometimes his ideas were out there. Way out there. This wasn't one of them.

What if we reverse everything? Fall back in Spring and spring forward in Fall. That way we can all feel guilty during the warmer months for not having time to take advantage of the nice weather. Get to work on the average job, hours after daylight, and get home after dark. Every day you'll wake up thinking you overslept.

I bet it saves energy. In the fall you get an even earlier start, and make use of more sunshine time while sleeping more of the dark time. Energy savings for sure. In many parts of the country you can get home in daylight--fewer traffic accidents and less heat required until you're under the bearskin quilts asleep.

They got it backwards, if this is to save energy and, hence, the earth. Therefore, it is clear that this present form of clock manipulation is actually harmful to the earth and probably causes global warming and many senseless deaths. Unless there is an advantage to National Security (in which case the collateral damage is the price paid for the greater good), it is inhumane to subject our citizens to this hazardous lifestyle.

Really, in many places, the last thing you need in the summer is more sunshine and daylight. In Miami it can kill you. That is why they invented A/C, and soon after, utility rate hikes.

Please write your honorable elected representative, or union boss, and insist that we fall back in spring and spring forward in fall from now on. Save the earth!

*I think Arizona ignores this ritual. It makes no difference there because the sun never sets in much of Arizona. Ever. Every day, every hour is high noon with a special magnifying layer over the state to amplify the sun's rays. It is rumored that the illuminati put that magnification layer there. I believe it, of course.

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