Thursday, June 18, 2009

Distracted? PROBABLY A Sign of Geneyuss

There was this excursion I was planning in a month. Just a few days somewhere else. I thought I'd make mischief if at all possible or maybe actually be of some unknown benefit.
Anyway, so I book this cheapo flight. Southwest has good rates if you start looking early. All was just great. Confirmation done and sent in email, the money and days looked right, yippee.

A week or so later I look at the itinerary because I was only guessing when telling people when I planned to invade. Holy smoke, I'd booked some completely different city that I have no wish to visit. Maybe it was the trackpad dragola syndrome or maybe, maybe I was not firing on all cylinders. It is not like me not to double check 18 times when making the reservation and checking the confirmation again. I am losing that obsessive compulsiveness which has not always been beneficial but makes for decent enough work. To my mind, my behavior has never been extreme, but it has been a bit irksome to those who habitually leap before they look and never look back.

That makes this event a good sign. I should have checked things sooner but at least I didn't overdo it.

Did you know that if you clean a tile floor real well, then manage to drop an entire frying pan full of half cooked hash browns on it, that you can scoop them back into the pan and finish cooking them without any resulting gritty taste? Another good reason to keep the floor clean, avoid linoleum or carpet in the kitchen (the pan would have burned the hell out of linoleum), be good with a trowel. A spatula is really just like a trowel, and if you are good, you can pick up only the desired items.

In these bizarre times, a hash brown saved is a hash brown earned, and that's good for the earth.

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