Friday, February 10, 2017

Study Shows: public intellectually and in deed imitate famous comics

Therefore, comedians should be approved by appropriate committees.  Like FDA but for comedian kings. Or not.

I am so used to people being lost before the title is up.   The political feel of everything lately is driving me nuts.  And it is all self righteous abuse.

My reasons for pulling for the Pats was apolitical= not political, for the rabid who may have missed that point.  Then I see some clip of Bill Maher playing all holy by not being for New England because of times when those people associated with Trump.  All funny.  This new black list is nuts.

You want to fix the world?
Fix these things; average stupidity, petty greed--whether for money, attention, power, and fix the rampant and contagious condition of being incapable of critical thinking.  I'm serious.

People who are addicted to self righteous anger and outrage will probably never let the rest of us get any sleep, if they have their way.  

And people get hooked on hating someone famous.  The other party supplies that.  So do sports figures.

It reflects well on Tom that various teammates seemed somewhat motivated by what it  meant to him. And said so.

Bill is such a sleaze.  He just smeared and stereotyped people based upon their super bowl pick.  A certain type of progressivism really is a mental disease.  No fear of a monopoly there.   The implication of ridicule, and not being cool if you don't do like Bill., are enough that 90% seek the peer approval.  The kind of bandwagon shunning they are orchestrating is a bit unnerving.

When people go to comics for their in depth political research, and for what to think, we may be in trouble.  That's the conscientious people. The others got no idea what we/re talking about.

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