Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Perhaps It Is a Form of Paranoia, or not

Yes yes, you win. See? I put my hands up. Ignore the man with the knife behind you. You win big. Everyone says this

Fortunately, I was unable to listen to the full presidential debate due to a band practice here on Ballistic Mountain. I caught some of it on radio then practiced.

Later I heard and read what people had to say, viewed a video excerpt or two, and then I noticed that little red flags were being thrown all over the playing field that is my muddy mind. When Chris Matthews doesn't gush and all but publicly offer the President unspeakble personal favors, something is amiss.

I think I know what is happening here; ROPE A DOPE. Remember that from Mohammad Ali when he fought...I forget who. Maybe Foreman. Rope a dope.

I'll bet there is a method to this madness. First you have Obama hedging the bet by claiming he's just OK at debates, but that Romney is really good at it. And then you hear he has that dolt John Kerry coaching. Really? I would imagine the best coach would be Axelrod or some other tough associate.

Anyway, if Mitt were to pay me, I'd figure out when the knock out punch is coming, and exactly where it will land.

The whole affair is a bit sad because I do not want the current crop of Bolsheviks to remain in power. The problem is that I haven't heard the challengers say, "Hell no, we won't make you buy insurance or else pay government, and force you to justify your existence".

They haven't offered to abolish this tax system in favor of something that doesn't terrorize and befuddle. Both groups are all for government-business partnerships which is code for cronyism and corruption. And that retards true innovation and better long term practices in many fields of endeavor.

So, it is what it is. If Obama wants to pay me, I could offer classier ways to beat his opponent than pretending he murders people's wives and doesn't make his union trash collector feel warm and loved. And I wouldn't use the absurd accusation that he's rich, therefore evil.

Romney would be harder for me to help in some ways. I would certainly confine things to foreign policy and domestic economic practices. Forget some of the other. I'm not sure if I'd even address the odd bit that he's a woman hater because he isn't for forcing taxpayers and insurance to pay for birth control. I'd have him make it clear that it was up to individuals to pay for it for others if they choose, and up to insurance companies. Not a federal issue, especially since you can't buy insurance across state lines. That's pure smoke.

I guess they both need my help. I would charge Obama more than Mitt because I do believe he is a Chavez style socialist and I find that troubling. Romney is not too far behind him, but he's a little less so.

So many people want to get into calling each of them names like idiot, etc. And make their attacks personal and, in the case of many Hollywood people, really vile and out of line. Then they pretend to be thinkers and on some higher plane of awareness. I think they still suffer from the Jr. High insecurity that makes people ridicule others so they can be considered cool, and keep out of the line of fire themselves.

There is no winner in these debates until the end. You'll know who won when you know who lives in the White House next year. All else is irrelevant.

But, just wait, the Obama camp will spring this rope a dope thing soon enough. Too much eager insistence that Obama lost the alleged debate from people in the press who normally make no qualms about being devoutly religious when it comes to protecting and praising this guy.

I've seen worse in the past and they said things like, "Well, Bill, I think he was off his game, but still had a slight edge".  The spin is too minimal.  The weakest spin comment I saw labelled Obama's supposedly weak showing as the "incumbent curse" and  said that the president was sooo busy, he had little time to prep.

Come one.  The guy went on the View with that bunch of cackling nincompoops.  I'd rather be bored at home debating John Kerry than get stuck with that noise. No time?  If you know what you've done and why, and what you plan, it would help.   Fund raising like all other politicians. It is totally bizarre.

The spin is suspiciously weak, the criticism too freely given by supporters, and mostly it doesn't really address the substance of anything. It is a marketing ploy--like the New Coke.  Remember that?

No, I'm not buying it. It is a cleverly laid plan, and I suspect Republicans may stupidly walk right into the trap, which is generally their MO anyway. Noone can do something stupid during a campaign like they can. It is frustrating because this is one time I am actively voting against someone.

Yep, I'd trade the devil I know for the one I don't in this case.

It kills me to play along and say bad things about 'sigh' Oooobamah.  I'll still keep you in my dreams, Mr. President.  (can I keep my "Chis M hearts Barack O" license plate?)


What is With Facebook

So, I see that Jetblue is doing a live free or fly promotion. You can win a free trip out of the country if the election doesn't go your way. So I go to sign up.

First you have to vote by clicking on a picture of an elephant or a jack ass. Then it gives but one option, "log in using facebook". What if I do not want to? I see no options, so I gave up.

I hate that. Facebook is great if you want people in your business, or if you want to make it look like your business is something other than what it is, and you want people all in that. I see it as an accident waiting to happen. You hit a few wrong clicks and no telling what might go out to all your "friends".

I've discovered that errant tap and click probability is increased exponentially on a smart phone. Those things seem useful and clever, but therein may reside the devil. It's a hard life.

By the way, no one has 7500 friends, or even 750. I'm suspect of even 75 friends with whom you feel great sharing private info. They are not your friends. You lie, and facebook has helped you become a liar. They encouraged it. You are weak and dishonest. I'm sorry.

I,too,lied. My name is not exactly what I told facebook it is. But, like the government, I feel they have no business pushing it and that they don't deserve anything more than what I care to share with them about myself.

It is the prevalence of things on unrelated sites that I find annoying. I want to go to St Maartens or somewhere if this thug gets another term. Or if the other guy gets his first four. But I can't bet both ways so, you vote for the loser on the airline contest. And maybe hope he wins.

But who cares? I see no way to just sign up to make my bet. Step two goes through facebook. "log in using Facebook!" No no no.

I have a bad feeling about this. I think we are acquiescing to a type of slavery by cooperating with the over use of 'cookies' and the ubiquitous facebook presence.

Great technology, but people based in California invariably do not know when to just leave well enough alone. Intrusive bunch of bastards, and google and facebook are the vanguard of this assault. Between facebook and google, they'll directly or indirectly queer the whole freedom on the internet deal.

I guess that applies elsewhere, too, but I'm on one of those 'California bastards' kicks. Geez, they love to mind your business. Makes me want to buy cigars and go downtown blowing smoke in their faces.

Amateur Nights

I guess it is a compliment when people ask if your group would come play in order to add zest and gravitas to their open mic events.  Then again, it's a frigging open mic.  Just about anyone can play, and the do.  Even those who really ought to learn something before sitting in front of people losing their time while they try to read the page in front of them on a music stand.

There is a whole lot of that music stand stuff in SoCal, even among regularly gigging groups and bands.  I understand it, but I am totally opposed to doing it myself or to being in a group who does that. It is fine if you are the San Diego symphony or similar outfit.  But for original music or stuff that is more emotion than technical, the pages tend to inhibit that organic spontaneity.  At least that is how it is in My Book.  It's a pretty big book so I don't carry it around.

I have to say, though, the group here on the mountain could be close to great if we all the the will and the time.  It has something.

The other group I'm practicing with does have a little more time and will.  That one is 90% or more original music, and it is not bad.  Whether the nature of it is what will grab people remains to be seen.

I think the addition of the bass and me has influenced the overall sound much to the good, and I always feel great after one of those practices.  I expect we'll be doing some good gigs before long.  The vocals are very tight--two males and one female.

Both these groups have excellent vocals.  That is new for me.  I miss the harder driving electric guitar centered stuff with good drummers and the whole bit, but I do not miss their tendency toward prohibitive decibel levels.

This is from Feb 2012. I've reduced the belly since then, but this makes me look much more bellyish than I am. Really. Either way, that was the second time I'd heard that version of this song. He played it for me at his house but neither of us knew all the words so I was no help. It is usually a blast to play with Cliff. He is not your average Joe. He's worked on it some since then and I've played it once or twice with him and other people were sitting in too. Maybe I'll get an updated recording of it which ought to be better.

My CA playing has been more of a challenge in some ways.  And less in others.  These people listen better, but what I have to do to fit properly, playing-wise, is more difficult.  It has to have improved my overall skill considerably.

In this circuit I seem to have developed a reputation for being good to have up there.  Probably also a rep for being a little temperamental, or just mental.   That's OK.  I still get requests and positive reinforcement, which makes me try harder.  I do poorly without that.

It has become clear that I'm not that much of a real blues player but I do add some soul to things which otherwise might not be very soulful.  But the harp players whose sound I like the best are Lee Oskar, Mickey Raphael, Greg Taylor and John Popper.  I marvel at the skill and cutting edge virtuosity of Jason Ricci, and I like blues guys like Musselwhite, Cotton, Sugar Blue and Little Walter.

Most harp players rarely would even mention my top four, but they play on things I enjoy listening to more than anyone else.  My tastes alone would get me kicked off a lot of purely bluesharp forums.

That tells me that maybe I am of a different ilk than many players.  And that is OK.  I can't or don't do what a lot of good blues players do, but they don't do what I do, as far as I know.  I'm almost beginning to be comfortable with that.  It is amazing that after all this time I am still finding new little nuances and ways of changing the sound and delivery of the same chords or notes.  I'm working the chords in ways I never used to, and it is effective for what I'm after.

No one has kicked me out of their group yet, and more people keep making minor inquiries, so OK.  It is unlikely to make me rich but it gets me invited to parties, and as of late some single wimmin within the age envelope have been hitting on me--I think.  I'm not to quick on the uptake in that realm.  Working on it.

I suspect the place where I work is being used for somewhat secret strategy and fund raising meetings.  That is good.  Much less trashing of the place when people come down to stay below the radar and use it as a base while they head out to nearby rich people towns to make deals.

I tried to vote in Venezuela but they wanted ID.  Maybe they just don't like My Kind.  It is none of my business, however if Chavez loses, I'll celebrate.

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