Friday, January 22, 2010

Benefits and Puzzles

All I get is antenna TV, and only CBS and ABC. That sucks because NBC is doing the winter Olympics. So, I came in from the sleet, and helping the neighbors fill in the 18 inch ruts in the road out front. A little bit of shovel work.

Someone got stuck to the gills as she spun her tires until she bottomed out the van. A recuer came with a tractor and pulled her out but the road was a mess from her and from the heavy rain making creeks and crevices where none had been for many years.

It surprised me to see a fundraiser for Haitian relief on all TV stations I could pull in, except for the talk show in spanish. That reminds me, Hugo Chavez is claiming the USA caused the quake with some hypothetical or fictitious weapons test. Creep. Who in the world is doing the most to help? The US f***ing A, Hugo. Like most socialist dictators, his game is not a generous one.

Unfortunately I don't know most singers and musicians on sight. This benefit doesn't mention the names of the performers. Most of the actors who give a spiel do not introduce themselves. The most well done money drive I've seen in awhile. The low point is Anderson Cooper, who introduces himself each time the camera cuts to him. He is such a ...I don't know. Words fail me with that piece of work. beats Chris Matthews.

So far the most incredible tune was a rendition of Hallelujah (?sp) by, I think, Justin Timberlake, and some guy, maybe John Mayer or someone. Not sure. I think it was Timberlake. Whoever it was purely jams out. What a singer. If you saw it and know who was playing, let me know.

It does bug me that this is the only choice on my limited TV, but not as much as wondering whether they have figured out how to use all the men and material already there. I wonder if the people asking for money actually give a substantial amount themselves. Usually when you do a benefit, it is as if your big effort playing for free is some wonderful gift. A lot of times they pay your expenses, feed you, etc. Either way, they must have raised a huge amount of money.

What other country gives so much to people in other lands? And that is just the voluntary part I'm talking about. Something is upside down in the rhetoric that's been floating about for a number of years.

I'm impressed with how few celebrities had to say their name as prelude to their message regarding the relief effort. No one better ever claim we are racist bastards again. This aid to Haiti is probably the quickest, largest relief effort in the history of the world. The effectiveness won't be known for years. With luck the place will get a new start with less of the two class stupid dictator form of government, etc. To put it back how it was would probably not be a good idea.

The sleet came down so fast and hard here, it was almost like being peppered with bird shot for riding motorcycles through that guy's yard. OH. You weren't there. It was back in the old days in south Miami. Actually unincorporated Dade County.

In a matter of a minute the ground was covered so it looked like snow.

Finally, I was able to do something helpful here on Ballistic Mtn. My landlord and his son were out there with shovels, and the road was not passable beyond our drive, up the hill. Another guy came down with a tractor with a scoop attachment. He'd go get dirt from the side of the road, or down the road, then dump it by us and we filled the ruts. About 40 or 50 feet of road was in real bad shape. Good thing they had an extra shovel or two.

There was a kid named Erik hanging around. The tractor guy's son I think. He decided I was the go to guy, so we became pals. There was a small shovel by the one I went to the house to get, and he wanted to help. so that worked out. What a cool kid.

It is pitch dark up here but we had a portable light out there, and the tractor had lights. Even so the kid fell in a ditch by the road that was deeper than he is tall. I guess he's about 8 or 9. I had to pull him out. He found it as funny as I did. If all kids were as cool as Erik, the world would be a better place. I get attached to kids fairly easily. Same with stupid animals. That's why I don't take on pets if I may move away or something like that. It is easier to get hurt through affection than one might think.

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