Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Song of the South in Mississippi

My computer is in the shop in Memphis. It may be an item which they will do for free. It is, they say.

They have the part. Just waiting for genius person to put it in. I offered to do it myself but they strongly urged, NO!!!

OK. At photoLady's. Same house where I used to live. My old apt is empty and the place is for sale.

Good to have lodging.

Something about this town makes me angry. Just driving from Mac store to here seemed to get under my skin. I know is is much me. I have no reason to be mad but this city just does that to me. I very much do not want to live or die in Memphis.

Whether it is the hot humid air or the fact that a huge percentage of the population is not only dumber than a rock but wildly psychotic. I mean a HUGE percentage. The rest just pretend it is all dandy. Not saying there aren't many swell and wonderful people here. There are. Just saying there is an intangible force in this place which makes me angry, on fire with undefined rage, and feel like I'm fighting for my life. And losing.

The Hill country harp fest was very well done.
It rained but I stayed dry.

Sugar Blue and his band were On Fire. They were hot hot hot. SB looked younger than in recent videos. He has a nice personality and good humor.

There were a lot of nice people there, and many very good players.

I'm on borrowed time--not my computer.

Not sure what is next. Trying to contact relatives but have just now emailed. Other relatives have been no help in this lost Texas contact.
Some of that determines where to from here, when my mac is back.

Keep my old friend from long ago who plays sax in your thoughts. He broke his neck and is due to be laid up awhile.
They are doing a benefit in NC, Clemmons, I believe. People I jammed with in the 80's. At least a few of them.
I'd like to play it too, but do not know if that will happen. They should do more than one benefit. He'll need the help and all else, I'm guessing.

So, best of recovery to Dwayne L.

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