Monday, May 27, 2013

Dusting off the UnWelcome Mat

So, I'm doing all this gut wrenching soul cleansing work to actually organize the stuff of my life, make my dwelling neat clean, even inviting and hospitable, and now there are very few people I want anywhere near me.  My Welcome Mat will be edited to read, "Go Away and Die!".   That takes some of the wind out of my sails.

It is good to only know a group of people superficially, so you can assume the best and be blind to their drama and antics.  Once you breach the facade the acquaintanceship immediately reaches the point of diminishing returns.  Such is the case on Ballistic Mountain.

I found out that the better looking of the two psycho women who tried to create trouble at that party, actually managed to incite violence before the night was through.  These people are far too old for this to be understandable or anything beyond sad and pitiful.

Apparently she nabbed some guy on the dance floor and started making out, while her boyfriend sat on the sidelines watching.  He got all huffy and instead of taking it out on her he launched a surprise attack on the guy.  Punching, rolling on the ground, then the requisite fight break up.

Seriously?  At 50 years old or so?  Girls just want to have fun.  I'm so disgusted that I was there, that my alleged friend, The-Lady-Up_the_hill, did nothing to fend off the insane people trying to use me in some game of manipulation--all directed at controlling the LadyUpTheHill.  One short sentence would have done it.  She played dumb, and still is.  Maybe it isn't an act.

I am glad for my friends K and L and C, with whom I play music up here, but the rest of these people I have no desire to know.  C's wife is in the thick of the gossip circle and one of those who likes to annoy single men, and can't resist little sabotage ploys when a single guy is making points with an unattached woman.

It is a sickness I guess, but it is to the point that I have to avoid C in order to avoid his wife, who doesn't grasp the concept of personal boundary.  I'll show up somewhere and immediately she'll approach me with a question of the same type as, "So, have you stopped beating your wife?".  What can you say?   I eventually tell her to piss off, and then there we go.  I can't deal with it any more.

I'm sure they all just blame it on alcohol.  If you can't drink and handle it, drink alone, locked in a closet or don't drink.   Unbelievable.  

Oh sorry I slept with your wife/husband/child/dog, but I was drunk. hahahahehehe.  Oh, that's OK, you sure were drunk--hahahahehehe.  Where's the pepper spray when I need it?  Anyone thinks like that needs to be deported, or fumigated or something.

So, newly worked place, and I find I am even more of a fish out of water than usual.  At least my good friends in Pt L are in no way like these crazy creatures.  K and L aren't either. Neither is C, but his wife is a loose cannon.  At least if I fall off of a cliff, there won't be a big mess to clean up at my house.  But I am definitely rethinking the idea of being a host.  Maybe I'll just be a clean and organized hermit instead.

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