Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Conspiracy Theories ????

How I stumble on these things, I have no idea. I don't actually do that much internet stumbling. I'm tired to of the term, "Surfing the internet". I always hear voices from the late 90's in my mind, who actually knew nothing about it but, for political reasons, wanted to sound hip.

Once in awhile you land on videos and information which really stretches credibility; both in the content, and the idea that the person who made the video could be serious.

Did you know that there are people who claim the Denver airport is full of things pertaining to everything from black ops, to the apocalypse? Yep, the murals are all about it.

One guy says the leopard in one of the murals, " represents Barack Obama". And the two cubs in the painting are his kids. They seem to have left Michele out. I guess she was off hunting for some lean meat while he spent quality time with the cubs.

If someone in a mural is wearing a hat, the guy insists it is a halo. He uses the word, "obviously" to describe the not-remotely-obvious. "See that rock? It is really disguising human degenerates who bear the sign of the beast".**
**not actual quote--artist's impression to give the idea

The Denver airport theories have grabbed several different people. It seems there is the new world order school, which swears the symbols and pictures spell out their intent, and the revelations crowd who bend it all to fit their bent idea of Biblical doom. I think these people sound dangerous, but I wouldn't start making laws or censoring them.

I'll just say it right here: You can make any prophesy come true if you try. I simply do not buy most of the stuff I hear regarding beast marks and all that. You can read Ayn Rand, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and others and come up with foretellings of the future at least as accurate as the ones crazy superstitious pretend holy people come up with. Should we then think of those people as holy? We can get all wound up in "be gone, ye, satan!!" talk, and all that.

I've no doubt that conspiracies exist. I remembering conspiring with others at times in my past. Sometimes it was for noble purpose, and sometimes not. Suspecting a conspiracy does not automatically make you nuts. There are other criteria for that.

This guy is nuts--click here to see for yourself

What I like is how he cites his research; "according to my sources on the internet..". OK. According to my sources on the internet I'm the real Slim Shady.

I see a butterfly in any mural, I automatically say, "that OBVIOUSLY represents Louis XVI, the dead French King."

The usefulness of nuts like this self=proclaimed "Third Eagle of the Apocalypse, and the co-prophet of the end times", is that it makes anyone who distrusts the established order of things look like a complete nincompoop. So, they are actually useful to equally wacko government wanks.

It is a little unsettling to realize just how far out there some people are. Many do it under the guise of a gruesome brand of religiosity. No way to reason with that. But, if you wanted to manipulate events, they could be quite useful. Even if one believes we are under threat from Islam fanatics, you have to see that much can be done under the guise of fighting them, and that it is quite easy to abuse the assumption of a nebulous enemy. Unfamiliar fanatics are pretty scary. The stonings and other Dark Ages throw backs tend to get one's attention. A very useful enemy with a well deserved image of being backward, superstitious, homicidal lunatics. The most useful thing is that this enemy can be anywhere. It may be you. This enemy is so useful it gives an excuse to government to ignore any of your rights it chooses. And the graft and corruption it enables goes equally as far.

It is a strange thing to see. A government which decries terrorism and oppression continues to fund the irs, make very liberal use of eminent domain powers, and tends to misuse and abuse its own military (misues by sending into strange undeclared wars under bizarre restraints, then jail their own for self defense or on hearsay charges from the enemy that they are meanies) is one that would give rise to theories of all sorts. No other way to make sense of it. It certainly does not stand up to logical scrutiny on face value.

I may think the man is my philosophical opposite in the realm of politics, but I don't think he's the anti-christ or any other macabre biblical player. And certainly not the leopard in a mural of mayans and corn fields. That gave gave me the creeps with his pretense of the mural being a warning to Obama. I guess he thinks some god put the stuff in the Denver airport.

Oh, I forgot, he seems to have a question regarding if the murals are the work of Satan, or from God. See, that is the kind of talk I find disgustingly weird, and somehow dangerous. They decide you are "of the devil" they can get in self righteous rage and kill you in the name of the lord. I do not buy any of that bunk.

Whatever of the bible is true has been totally misshaped and twisted by holy men through the ages. And despite the fact they've been around thousands of years, I do think they are wrong and I am right. Half truths tend to carry further with the masses than whole truths. Got to give credit for some truth being in there.

Beware Denver airport. That's the long and short of it. Who knew?

This has been a public service documentary by Me; bird of prey, in some order, of the apocalypse, and a prophet of Christmas future, if you'll sucker for that title

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