Monday, February 21, 2011

Side Effects May Include Death and/or Vomiting

That is one reason I am grateful for my lack of medical access. It is possible that if I were on the right insurance, I'd be encouraged, or even required, to get any number of tests.

Just listen to the fast talker run through the risks associated with meds that half the world takes. Yet they worry about pot and opium. How odd.

It looks like the only medications that I see advertised which have an intriguing sounding side effect would be those that warn of a four hour 'attention' span, as it were. Not something the lone desperado really needs. That is a side effect best shared with your close social circle. No close social circle, no need to seek such things.

I'm fairly certain that the right encounter would result in much the same thing anyway, and without cause for panic. However, if I were to go get a thorough check-up, I would bet that I would be prescribed medication of one kind or another.

It would be a great investigative reporting project. Go to a few different major clinics or professional associations, get the thorough probing, undergo tests, and compare results. I'll bet I'd get all kinds of pills to take, and then more pills to counteract the effects of those. Soon, provided I wanted to have close interactions with my fun close social circle, or portions thereof, I'd desperately need the meds that result in warnings that if the pill actually works for more than four hours, I'm in trouble. That would be to counteract the effects of the other batch of pills.

It is a bit of a dilemma because many things modern health care can do are of great benefit. Artificial joints is one of the good things, as well as many types of surgery, and a few cures for diseases. I, myself, was able to fend off a case of pneumonia without hospitalization many years ago. He gave a bunch of dope, said my plan to fly that day to Miami may be a good plan, and that was that. I was wiped out for quite some time and could hardly breathe or walk at first, but I made the flight, and here I am.

Whatever he gave me produced a great feeling of relief and well being within a few hours. He told me not to think I actually felt better if that happened and go do something stupid. Getting out of 10 degree weather (F) and into Miami sunshine to recover was one of the few smart plans I've executed.

So, the way I see it is that the medical community can either save or improve your life, and it can also screw it up or kill you. Many people become hooked on all things medical and sometimes suffer as a result. They go from health care hobbyists--because they are on some plan which lets them visit doctors a lot--to health care dependents who are less healthy every year. In some cases it may just be a genetic thing, but I think that sometimes getting into that loop did them in.

Most nurses get very mad at me for such views. Not always. I know more nurses than doctors. I'm sure many doctors would also think I am trouble. But how would they know? Thanks to John Edwards and others in the insincere tort business, they are better off if they have covered their legal tracks completely than if you live. You go in and they say you seem ok, go home, and you get sick or die, then John and colleagues might ruin you in court.

Well, I hope those who really need the assistance of good medical people get it without red tape considerations, and others who don't need it try not to tie up the system out of foolish paranoia or lack of other hobby. My avoidance is a public service because it frees up the resources for those who need it right now.

I wonder how many people go into the emergency room with the full mast flag that can't be lowered, due to the pill side effects. That must be an interesting exchange with the admitting nurse. Do you cover it up or just parade around like a lunatic?

I'll bet it is a very rare occurrence. I'd probably not go. Although it would be an exhibitionist's dream ailment and emergency room visit.

Being human is quite a lot of fun. I just don't get the people who hate their own species so much.

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