Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good, Bad and Whatnot

Floods cannot be much fun, especially in freezing conditions. It was good to hear that the worst may be over in ND. It sounds as if the Fargo people are a hearty breed, the way they took matters into their own hands. Old school reality comes through at times, despite any spin fed to the masses. That is real emergency. It makes the kinds of crises and fears we've been throwing money at for the last six months, in particular, seem like a joke.

It is good to see the National Guard being used properly instead of sent overseas. A state militia is not for federal madness. Fargo has got the coolest accent in the USA. That may not do much for flooding but it is worth something.

Oh well, anything said often enough becomes believed as true, with or without solid reason or understanding. I wonder why that is.

It was a nice sight to arrive home from a good working Sunday, soon after sunset. I looked up the hill at thew bottom of Ballistic road and I I saw a cloud just behind it but in front of the peak behind. The cloud was just to the right of my place but at a slightly lower level. These are commonplace things but things I haven't experienced. Not at home, anyway.

The first time I discovered that clouds can lower that the peaks of mountains or tall hills, without being fog, was when I was maybe 9 years old. We were on a bus in Guatemala, traveling from Guatemala city to a place in the mountains called Antigua. There were indigenous people with chickens and all kinds of other things not usually found on public transportation. I'm not sure but it seems like some people rode on the roof. They had lots of bundles up there. That would have been my seat of choice.

The road was one of those edge of the cliff, winding things. I guess it would have been scary to those of little faith. What was scary was that town. So quiet, and the guy who brought tortillas to the room of the scary hotel looked like something from a movie where people get knifed by the quiet Guatemalan. If there is such a thing as energy in a place, that place freaked me out like nowhere I've ever been. Lots of ruins there. It was a strange thing. That place struck terror into my heart. Nothing I could do except ask if we could get out of there. My childhood was not one in which you made scenes and got away with it. Normally, I'd not have begged to leave, but I did. We looked at whatever the ruins were supposed to be. At that time it just looked like falling down buildings and chunks of rock.

Most ruins are fallen down buildings and chunks of rock, but I usually find them exciting and uplifting. At least the limited experience I've had with them has been such. I've not seen some of the Greek and Roman stuff, only the aqueduct in Spain, outside Segovia or somewhere.

I'd forgotten about Antigua until now. People always think about that Island Antigua and they say it "Anteega". This one was pronounced how it looks by everyone I remember.

If you think the Aztec nation was peaceful and fun loving, read the book. I sure hope they don't bring back all the sacrifices and rituals when la raza gets the Azteca nation rolling. Some features of the old days could be good.

There was a lot going on in North and Central America before and during the Aztec days. They weren't the big innovators and creators of everything, just the war power, at their peak. But, more than the Romans or Greeks or Vikings, I'd love to be able to go back in time and see the civilizations down there in action; Toltec, Mixtecs, and all the other tecs. At a safe distance, for sure. I'd not want to be sacrificed to whatever God needing a fresh heart.

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