Saturday, March 5, 2011

Changed it All


That was what the first post in this space was. Even changed the title.

So, I came back and changed it. I guess there is a delete somewhere on these things. I used to delete mass quantities at JS when I got really depressed. I wiped out entire months of stuff there in fits of despair. But when I figured out that deleting my drivel wouldn't delete myself, I gave it up. Those were difficult days. Most days are.

Why it works like that for me, I do not know. I guess life is a battle by nature, and with some people the battle takes on a different character. Probably some people fight well defined battles with a goal and definition, while others fight ongoing skirmishes, sort of like police actions which never end and have no clear objective. Not being other people, I can't say for sure what they do inside their minds.

I am reasonably confident that some people don't eye the delete button on a regular basis.

Much of the time I do this only for therapeutic reasons and in case I fall off the earth, someone might go by through and go , Oh geez, now I feel bad and we should really be sorry. Boy, did we miss the boat on that one!!
And that will show them. They'll be sorry, guilty, and full of shame.

Or they will never bother to look. Or they will look and say, tough break kid. I'm not sorry.
I like the first choice better.

fly away with you

It is what it is, which is sometimes much longer

Cliff Niman plays DarcyFarrow--Copper Creek Group-Alpine CA

Little jumpy because I had to use smaller format to allow upload w/my connection, and so I could send to Cliff's wife. They have a slower connection than I. Mine varies. Cell card in the Ballistic Valley. Mexican towers not far away, and who knows where our towers are.

These friends are a trip. I have been challenged since this is not anything like what I know. I enjoy their company and respect their talent.
Nicest people ever.

Cliff embodies long time multi generational California as much as anyone I can imagine.

Welcome to the people up on Ballistic Mountain. This is pretty close to a typical conversation when we are just sitting on the deck or practicing. It goes a lot like that.

This was a very sympathetic, enthusiastic crowd.

I wish my tropics song didn't get deleted. It went over really well.

as it should have !!!


Here's one that GV1 wrote.
I particularly like the words.
I've been to the Lakeside Hotel and heard the stories. It is now a halfway house and recovery meeting place for drugs and alcohol, which makes the song and history that much more entertaining.

These are really nice people. The guy on the right ran a coffee shop kind of place in the sixties, and maybe later, where Steve Martin played when he had the arrow in his head. All kinds of history, Big Mama Thornton, and names I forgot but you'd recognize. One famous song writer/singer used to hang out there starting out as a 17 year old.

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