Saturday, December 31, 2016

I Get Reset

My disdain for new year's madness is not bias against second chances, resets,  or rebirth in any form. It only makes sense that everyone's reset situation be different.  Well spread out anyway.  My new year is not January 1.   I was born in February.  If resets work best at end of one cycle and entering another,  one's birthday should be more appropriate than the one size fits all new year hooplah.

If this is how we acknowledged the cycles then it would be too spread out for the sort of mass inebriation all at once that new year's eve yields.  I wonder how that works.  I guess we are better off with one universal calendar.  But the year end thing is poorly done.  Maybe there is a classier way to celebrate it.  So far I see no trend in that direction.

OK. Here's An Example of What Irks Me

Here we go, making up stuff and writing it all over a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio toasting something.  It is from some movie.  I guarantee he was not saying what is written on the photo as if he is saying it.  No, he just has that smirky, knowing look.  It is a facial expression, and use of body language which seems to know something.  But it is acting.

Every time you turn around some Leo pic toasting is circulated with inane text espousing some viewpoint that Leo is not pushing.  It gives it weight though to have that authoritative yet whimsical personality in the image.  Actors sometimes have a presence that just makes you believe whatever they are selling.  That includes male and female.  I think some females don't like the word actress.  I can see that.  Not sure it matters.

You never know.  People get all wound up over nothing and then think they have a right to harass the culprit who does something egregious like wear a Trump shirt of some kind.  People are getting rabid like never before over this election.  It is bizarre.

But take it from Leo

No.  I will bet into triple digit dollars that Leo did not say these things.  None of it.  I just think not.  

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Movie Review: Sully

This was an excellent film.  I expected boring.  Very well written and all else, I think.

Reminded me very much of Capt Clyde, retired Eastern pilot, instructor and safety expert.  Also WW2 hero.   Somehow reminds me of him.  I've known some remarkable people.

My movie reviews have generally been whittled down to, "I think is is a good flick", or "what a lousy movie".

This one=good.

Was I Censored?

In coming months I plan to comment even less than I do now, on facebook.   I may have been censored, or maybe someone flagged my comment as being less than lockstep leftist kool aid material.  Not sure.

No one likes it if you question their third or fourth party info which appears to be a fakish news meme.

My friend, who has become absolutely obsessed with sharing every democratic party, progressive blurb, particularly if it is ridicule of Trump or supporters, shared from a site called liberal something, who cited moveon or daily kos as their source had a story of how Trey Gowdy admitted manufacturing Hillary emails to make her look bad.

Wow.  That would be big news.  Head an investigation, and make up evidence?  That is just awful.  

The headline post was presented in a way that made it look like today's news.   Rather than react from a headline like 90% of facebook does, I clicked it and read the big story at the koolaid factory site.

Turns out this was from October of 2015, and I guess it was largely fake because I think we'd have heard a bit more on this.  Contrary to general opinion, democrats do still wield considerable power.

All I asked was if this was real or maybe not so real, and was it real in 2015 or some such thing.  Someone liked my comment.  But when I clicked and got back to the story, my comment was gone.

I had some problematic fb experiences today.  Kept denying my login.  Very weird.  Then I managed to placate it and get back on.  

You can fear the Trump era all you want.  I already fear the possibility of algorithms designed to flush out malcontents and screw with them.  Nothing personal, just let it be an automated madness.  Seriously, ever since my days in public school, I have noticed that the governmentally privileged, power and tax dough, will crush others in the name of the greater good without even a twinge of conscience.

Actually "the war on fake news" is very probably just code for a war on dissent.  Where else can that sort of thing go?

Oh well.  My real concerns mostly exclude government.  We'll see if the zealots have sway when Trump takes office.  I consider much of what is called ultra conservative to be authoritarian and missing the point re freedom and life.  CBD oil and other cannabis items may have life saving value to people. Not up to government to decide.  FDA is mostly just Cronyville for big bucks.  BS organization.

If the population is too stupid to make their own decisions, then maybe the Darwin effect is beneficial.  Mostly though, I doubt the FDA saves any lives.  They do however make life a living hell for certain types of epileptics and others.

The insurance thing will be something truly bizarre if they aren't real careful.  It is now, but it is set up with booby traps.  What do you expect?  Written by insurance insider.  And it is the most complicated, impossible to humanly follow structure I have ever seen.  Most of it is left up to appointed clerks.

Oh well.  I may be better off now.  Maybe not. I expect no change for awhile.  If ever.  

But the facebook bit has me wondering.

Pundits, why? The Takei case

The guy was a supporting cast member in Star Trek.  A somewhat amiable actor.

Fast forward to the last few years--no idea where he was in between.  Now he is a professional hijacker of victimhood and facebook guru.  People often share George's semi thought out memes as if they are wisdom from God.

George is what I'd call professionally gay, and professionally Asian (sometimes specifically Japanese).  What I mean by that is that any time the most remote issue which could in some way involve lgbtq,etc. comes up, or anything remotely to do with race or ethnicity, he is there in his victim suit, "standing up" for his peeps.  Allegedly.

Now, he has claimed victimhood because he had relatives killed in Japan in WW2.  George, want to take on the Bataan Death March?  Can you pull some victimhood out of that?

Really, the guy is a genius for sure.  He has managed to create some sort of relevance purely out of manufactured victimness.  He has made more money than most of us.  He is listened to more than most of us.  Yet the content of his discourse is always well articulated half truths or pure nonsense, all used to support the idea that he has ever been the victim of America and its horribly cruel straight white contingent of the population.

But he does it in such a way that he is cool.  And to say anything against his demagoguery and feigned victim status is to cast one's self as homophobic, xenophobic and a horrible person.

Sometimes he is interesting. Sometimes he is so transparently hijacking victimhood where none exists that it makes me think those sharing his angst have absolutely no ability to think critically.  I think people just want things to fight, a villain to hate, and special attention for participating.  Like a trophy for showing up.

Gay?  Here's your trophy.  Not white? Here's your trophy.  On and on.

Now he is a victim because of nuclear weapons and Trumps incessant tweets which appear to happen without the slightest bit of forethought.

The Trump tweeting compulsion could be a form of Tourette's syndrome.  I just don't know.

But I cannot figure out how to play victim off of it.  Just not my forte.  Leave it to George to make it a fearful thing because the US decided the only way to get the Japanese to quit making war was to annihilate a city or two.   Poor George.  It must be horrible for him to have to be reminded that Japan was a brutal warring force which made life difficult for many.  All about him.

What utter and total nonsense.  But it is cookie cutter koolaid left in the reasoning and the fake outrage and hurt.

I wonder why it is that to me it always seems as if the abusive left is in charge.  To many, they seem to think something other than statists are running the show.  I don't notice that.

So we have outfits declining to do business with anything to do with Trump's inauguration yet they insist on forcing others to do business with themselves or their gay friends or whatever.  How does that work?

I always wondered what I'd do if asked to play.  My rule would be no one's campaign rallies.  But to be asked for an national event, I would do it.  Even though I think these tax paid DC entertainment events ought not exist.

Phony outrage from professional victims gets old.  So yesterday's radical chic.  What is happening though is that these manufactured cases of victimhood subtly give license to what now is classed as some sort of self defense--license to step on and ignore the rights of others, pretending they threaten you.  It has grown to a very dangerous point.

The whole heavy duty anti-Trump effort going on right now, fueled by the koolaid sites' talking points, half truths, and general attitude is one which tends to justify anything that might hurt what is perceived as Trumpian.  What may be hurt is the process, and maybe innocent people who believe Trump is less evil than those who have been running government for the last 20 years or so.

I'm undecided, but tend to think the entrenched class, Clinton, Kennedy, Bush, Rockefeller, etc. are very evil and dangerous, depending upon one's view of how society ought to operate.   But make no mistake, Trump is a crony's crony, so that aspect is not going to change.  It will be more crude and more transparent.  He'll be tweeting what he had for breakfast and every secret that crosses his attention.

The very best thing is how freaked out the control freak statists progressives and democrats are over Trump.  And I don't think the worry is really to do with what is good or bad for the country-right or wrong.  It is about them losing the control.  Republicans had played their part over the last decades.  Now this guy is not doing anything predictable. He is off their script.

Does not make him right, but it did get him votes--because of  Their outrage, not because of his values.  The more freaked the snobs and snarky news people became, the more attractive throwing Trump in their faces felt to many.  But dems refuse to see it because it boils down to one simple idea; the rulers and their shills became such jerks with so little respect for others that the people finally broke.

Plus people are really sick of the racist, sexist, non-empathetic left.  What we got coming in will get its due or straighten up.  We have liars protesting other liars.  Crooks against crooks.

And easily duped drones fighting the good fight on both sides.  Do not look to them for truth.  If you are smart like George, you can look to them to fuel your faux outrage and claims of victimhood.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Blame the Year

Now people are blaming 2016 as if it were a tangible sentient being.  So I set out to find this 2016 creature and take a picture (trap its soul).

Got yer 2016 right here

Monday, December 26, 2016

In For It Like Never Before

My assumption that after the election things would level out a bit and emotions would settle down was very erroneous.  The koolaid addled have doubled down on whatever it is that makes them wild eyed and rabid.

Now the game is to see how many ways can we make dubious accusations about Trump and racism, etc., pretend those assertions are fact, then use those to develop even further lampooning, indictment of every ilk, and basically find new ways to say, "I hate Donald, and he's going to blow up the world! If we don't act now!!!!my God, we are all doomed!!!  Donald is bad, and on and on and on and on and on and on..".
To infinity.

There is no let up.  If a note of substance is lacking we will go for a personal attack; maybe poke at Melania for awhile.  And of course there is this droning chorus deriding Trump voters for ruining the world, making the weather bad, and they are the ones who decided to make only women be afflicted with the menstrual curse.  Men, and Trump did that.

I hope you are happy.

Seriously it is like a compulsion that loses its context and any hope of reason.  This new sport is a bit dangerous and invites violence.

But guess what?  And this is why I despise the organized left.  They will blame everyone else--their alleged foes--for the violence they foment.  They do it every time.  And they use the ignorant, the petty, the greedy, the poor to carry out their dirty work.  Idiots in mobs will "unite" over any nonsense.

Unbelievable.  And I am not a fan of the Trump tweeter.  But can anyone ever just face the truth of their actions and motives in the realm of forcing the public to pay for what they don't want, who they don't trust, while pretending it is good compassionate and holy.


This cold is almost enough gone that I am ready to play.  Getting together with Valor and Lace tomorrow at the Renegade--east county country place.  They filmed some of the Renegade show there.  Lorenzo Lamas.

Thinking positive non-criticizing thoughts is a healthy practice.  Focussing on everyone else's shortcomings is not happiness generating.

Wishing it Were True, when it is not

Remember the Video that set the Islamic world on its ear, and caused the spontaneous demonstration which included heavy artillery in Benghazi?   That was a tough one to swallow as far as credibility goes.  Similar to how Putin hacked John Podesta's emails and cost Hillary the big job.

No one has shown proof, and the wiki guy says no state actors. No government.  Indications are that it was an inside job.  People did not like the dirty tricks and the lockout of Bernie.

But now, here we go.  These people will grasp at anything except solid truth and reality.  Hill says Putin is the culprit and he cost her all.  There is little to back up the story.  It makes her followers feel better to believe she is a victim.  I think this story is much like the one about her landing under fire and racing from the aircraft into safety with bullets flying everywhere.

This is where the O admin leaves me cold.  He is full into that democrat thing of make up stories to suit your agenda.  And then use those stories, as if they are fact, to build your arguments.  The stories and fabrications become the premises from which they work their arguments.   They know they do it.

But if it is for a good cause, then it is OK to deceive, and because the conclusion is good and what we want, then the false premises aren't really lies because they are serving the greater good.

Nothing you can do against such reasoning,

Once again, if Trump could resist reacting to every single whisper of insult or criticism sent his way, he'd do better.   After awhile even democrats get tired of making stuff up.  At the least people begin to quit seeing Hillary as credible.  I know they want to, but really she has been caught in some real whoppers.  Just pure fiction, like me telling you how scary it was that time I went hang gliding; except that time never happened.

Still, they do not get it.  They lost because they insulted and intellectually bullied too many people and groups across the country.  When you decide the opposition being heard is too damaging to young minds, or worse, makes sense to them, and so you must silence such voices, you are not a friend of freedom or free will.   That is exactly what certain elements believe is right---silencing the views they do not like.  And pretending to be taking the high moral ground in the process.

That is so Dade County public schools.  A non sequetor but has relevance to me.

But what happened to the little red reset button with the Rooskies?    The '80s are calling, want their foreign policy back.  When did it change?

I'm telling you, the people with power have been dangerous liars for a long time now.   Maybe it is scarier if T is not liar and really means the crazy stuff he says.  The Status Quo distance themselves from truth and any references they may make to it.

Like I have challenged the new anti-Trump hobbyists, if the truth is that bad, then stick to it, don't embellish and lie to prove your point.  It has become a sickness, an unhealthy obsession  More over the top than even Bush bashing of old.  That became absolutely virulent, if you listened to Air America and that crowd.

So here we go again.  Identity politics, the school of hysterical non-reasoning, and watch agencies and government be used to perform dirty tricks like never before both against the newcomers, and for.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Here's the Upside, Even If You Are Swimming in Blue Disaster Koolaid

In the realm of politics, I do not think spouses should be involved in the job.  No job in my experience shows any inkling of it being taken for granted that my spouse may want to handle some odd aspect of the required tasks.  I don't know.  I get the job, I do the job.  They did not hire my wife.  Simple.

And this is why Melania Trump is on her way to being my favorite first lady ever; she seems to have absolutely no interest in hosting the DC snakepit and taking up some national nagging cause.  Brush your teeth.   You're fat.  blablabla.  Always some elitist preaching and pandering to the little people.  Yes, reading is real good.  I need to be told by unelected first lady?  No.  Be the one that rejects being cast as royalty.

I heard a couple of times that Melania is staying in NYC with young Brothingtom, or Brandex, whatever.  The lad needs to be with his chums until year's end.  Right.  Kid's in a gang and has to wear an ankle bracelet.  Who would admit that?  If I post that with the proper graphics on faceboo
the rabid party faithful will eat it up.   They've almost run out of anything new.  Over and over with racist and you-name-it ist labels.

If you look at people like Baldwin--those with that abrasive culture ingrained, replete with shoulder chip, you'll realize that those guys talk like that, right down to the "grab,,.." part.  And those initiating the undying outrage know this.  Now, as far as nuke babble, I have no clue about that.

But I am Melania's fan, not so much Donald's.   Like Ahnode Schwarzenegger, Donald has often seemed embarrassingly obnoxious.  Why publicly indulge in that painful exchange with equally petty and base Rosie?   If you cannot resist such a stupid insult match with Rosie, you are lame.  Arnold was not what many people expected.   I expect Trump to be about like that.  Too bad, because the back lash will be a blood letter like Jerry Brown. Crony capitalism and crony insanity abound in CA.

I want to see a swimsuit, or sans, photo shoot with Melania swimming in koolaid, its surface riddled with rifle fire.  But she survives.  Make a nice short clip for some use.  

I still find it sad that so many people are fooled into thinking the whole Clinton machine is somehow virtuous and safe.  Actually disavowing friends and family who felt Trump or almost anyone would be less toxically entrenched in the corruption of DC and world politics.   The idea that those supporting Trump are basically supporting Neo-Hitler has been driven home hard.  They conclude from there that it is their duty to take out friends and family who chose this Satan over Angel Hillary.  That, too me, is more dangerous than either of the actual choices would have been.

Oh well.  Good luck to Melania and Buster, as they try to side step the hostile insanity.  

Otherwise, why is it people never figure out why the system is the issue, not personalities.  The same people most responsible for bastardizing a good system cry the loudest about the potential result.

DONALD PLEASE STOP THE TWEETS.,  all it does is give lockstep left entities fuel for annoying hostile arguments and tirades. Why keep poking the nest? 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

What Triggers the Relatively Quiet Anger

Whether the anger is at myself or at the official world of the state and all the people who go along, thinking they are clever and smart, I am not sure.  Probably both; everyone.

Don't get me wrong, I love systems that remove salt from sea water, harvest energy from sun, wind and waves.   I tend to think much of it is nonsense and pure 100% crony/political theft wrapped in "green".

I seriously doubt that the monstrosities being put in the ocean to catch wind in the northeast are anywhere close to the most elegant, efficient, non-intrusive system possible and available.  But that's another story.  Feats of engineering in their own way, and splendidly grandiose, but a boondoggle of sorts.  I will just leave that.   Not going to argue the pros and cons of such monopoly and state efforts.

What does hit a nerve with me is when I see some video or meme on facebook cheering in amazement that someone has an idea or system that uses waves to produce the power to purify the sea water.  I argued with people in the seventies about just such systems.  I noted the inevitable doom that centralized water and power production can bring.  I met people involved in all sorts of energy saving, or sustainable fuel efforts.  They gave up due to government intractability.  Bullying and ridiculous action by agencies.

People still think that politicians with "vision" are the answer.  They are just too goddamed stupid and ego-bound to see that those are the ones queering the danged deal.  They are the ones who made it illegal to generate your own power.  Yes that is true.

The real bottom line is, in some ways I am truly an idiot.  Obviously, or I'd have an adoring, adorable wife and better handle on day to day life in civilization.  But in other ways, I am no idiot.  And that can be very frustrating.  Like those people who read and talk about science, but have no clue what equations are or how any of that bears on results.  But they pretend to be all scientific and intellectual. Talk show lab geniuses.  And then they go on and on about "believing" in science.   Do you realize how idiotic that actually sounds?

A subset of the group I referred to, decades ago, as Johnny Carson intellectuals.  Either you get that or you don't.  No judgement or reflection on anyone.

Obviously people who are clueless about what science even is.  Believe in it.  Yea, I believed in elves and science, and the Druid faith, pbut, and the holy trees therein.

Those are usually people who think it is great for government to promote some business over others, which the whole "sustainable energy" prank by the state is totally designed to do.

But the idea that only now do people want alternatives to expensive electricity and gasoline is bunk.  Edison, Ford, Firestone, even Lindberg were obsessed with discovering renewable fuels and other resources.  They actually were.  This is where the majority can be trouble.  The public has suckered for every nonsensical insult to their humanity.  I would say intelligence but I am not certain there is enough there to insult.

Look how the auto world developed.  Most makes changing the chrome and fins and stupid looks every year.   If people had been out for reliability and savings, etc., the companies may have done things differently.  People wanted schmaltz and glitz and some bizarre assurance that they, too, could be studs and sirens.

Some cool stuff went into it, but look at the design.  They should be easy to repair and set up in modules, for quick interchange and ease of trouble shooting.  Cars are a pain to work on.  Planes are less frustrating because that is life or death.  So they aren't all nonsense.

Anyway, people are idiots.  All worked up now about energy, the end of the world and on and on.  But I tell you they are out of the same idiot factory as those who let it be damned near illegal to experiment with fuels or energy on your own.

OK. People are just weak and confused and maybe a little insecure.  Not really idiots, but maybe they act as if a lot.

I know, someone will say I have provided no for instance. No nothing.  I realize that.  I just don't want to get all tied up in it.  The real point is, the state needs to back off, and protect the independent manufacturer who may rankle the industry hotshots.  Protect instead of propose crony written legislation which helps the hot shots in the field gain an advantage over the upstarts.  This is why we aren't almost all energy independent.  Every dwelling or small group of dwellings should be independent.  But not by government mandate.

They got gung ho about the time certain large energy interests bought up solar cell and battery technology and the state of the art was such that it worked.  Oil companies mostly own that stuff.  I think they are just messing with each other--especially small interlopers trying to compete.  And they are doing like textiles did before the major players of that industry destroyed the manufacturing in the US.  It is a game played by amoral people who apparently want limits on the average standard of living.

It's incoherent.  Oh well.  I am just so stunned how dimwitted so many people are.  Their way around it is to fit in and hang with the mob.  The mob will turn on anyone who doesn't accept the mob's convoluted rationale for vandalism or murder.

Any time ever that you hear politicians talking about any particular energy system or saying we must support this one or not that one, just know they are playing you right then and there.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Got That Out of the Way

OK.  No more need to stalk electors or bully their families.  The deed is done, and that is that, presumably.  Some things die harder than others.  

I really have to say, the whole Russian thing seems very odd to me.   But then the entire world of governments is beyond reason.  Wikileaks people say it was not a state actor.  I don't know.  I do know that misinformation is the way things are done.  I do notice, though, that the big talk is of the Rooskies "hacking the election".  Even according to all allegations this is false.

They hacked emails and such.  That is not the election.  But it works way better to attack as if the Russians are the real republicans rather than address the dirty tricks revealed in the leaks.

I don't know if it came out for better or worse.  It will be a worse that I don't know, which may be better than the worse I know.  Not sure.  Anything that has democrats actually acknowledging that we are a republic, and saying the word "Constitution" out loud cannot be all bad.

But the dimwits, in their typical knee-jerk fashion, now want to can the electoral college.  That is because more than once it did not go their way.  And because they do not truly grasp the danger, or even the concept of tyranny of the majority.  I would be saying the same thing regardless of outcome.

The fact that people felt Hillary is any less dangerous than her opponent is a testament to how gullible people can be when they put their minds to it.  The real dynamics at play have much more to do with cultivated resentments, peer acceptance, validation of one's intellect, sense of belonging, etc.

People won't admit it, but that drives a huge percentage of the population.  Now that the politics of ethnicity, etc, identity politics, has somehow been deemed reasonable, honorable and virtuous, the discussion is over.   If I say you are nuts, wrong, etc., it is probably my white privilege, and if you are female I am automatically a misogynist.  When everything becomes filtered through race and ethnicity as if those things are virtuous qualities, what's to discuss?  You are born this way or that.  Probably a victim. Most people are.  I am. Not sure of what, but I do feel the impact.

Truthfully, I can't watch much.  Republicans are like caricatures of themselves, it seems.  Really.  Paint yourselves as the opposition to the democrats and all you do is help them.   It's yikes or yikes.  Really.

I won't complain.  You pay my medical if it gets real expensive and we'll call it a day.  Thanks in advance.  It's OK.  The means to control populations are becoming more and more sophisticated, and accepted.

The insane cold has somewhat abated.  Bedridden for two days.  Any fast movement, and insane coughing or intense nausea.  Then all of a sudden, it became about 55% better.  Suddenly.
Like a Christmas Miracle.   Once again I am pulled from the jaws of death, or the bottomless abyss.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

No, Not The Twitter!!!

I don't actually check twitter.  My twitting info comes from third party sources.  Are you kidding?  I want to follow and maybe become addicted to yet another stupid thing?  No thanks.

So, I see somewhere that Donald tweets after Baldwin does his impression of Trump.  Once again he is all of on a defensive rant; Baldwin is terrible, the show isn't funny, unwatchable, words to that effect.

The thing is, Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin both have that really base kind of attitude.  Baldwin called his young daughter a pig.  They both have no class.  That is why they are always in little tiffs with someone.  Now it is each other; a match made in Queens, I guess.

I remember how I would cringe when the Donald vs Rosie thing was going on.  Both of them were so idiotic and low, crude, rude and obnoxious.

He is still unaware, as are many of his supporters that his deciding votes came from people voting against the entire political culture and establishment.  They did not vote for Trump, per se.  Many most likely know they elected a possible lunatic.  That twitter finger of his set to hair trigger does nothing to dispel this notion.

But I had to laugh.  I really did.  People got so fed up with the attitude and the BS and the overbearing insanity of the status quo that they elected a frickin'--no one is sure--to be president.  And the more they lockstep left freaks out, the more it eggs Twitter Finger into action, and the more crazy stuff he puts out there.

People are still worrying about nonsense.  The lbgt and sometimes q groups making up stuff.  It isn't happening, and it is the least of the worries in this country.  The stuff that dems do; divide and anger by race, lbgt and sometimes q, sex, national origin, and any other non philosophical difference they can create.

What needs worry is that damned twitter account.  They need to ban politicians.  At least the ones in office.  It gives you a reason to vote for them--no more twitter for a term.  Trump should listen; no more twitter, and your numbers will go up.

I caught a little excerpt from the View--vomit--listening to Joy Bahar praise Castro and their "top notch healthcare for all" and 100% literacy.  That is the koolaid left position so of course she takes that.  What idiots.  But she was there, and of course she was not guided or controlled while there.   Joy is one of those who is just smart enough to think she is really bright, but too stupid to know she is not.

But please, let's not get in a war with her.  She's another with that classless thing.  Must be a specific neighborhood in New York.  Sorry, but you know it is true.  Crass, rude and proud of being scuz.

Before You get All Worked Up

{although I do admit, these are wacko times}

No need to go ballistic over bad info, so maybe it is worth examining just a little bit further.  I am not sure which came first the sensational half truths and non truths, or people hungering for reasons to go nuts, be hysterical and maybe hurt property and other people.

It is pretty stupid, whatever the case.  It is dangerous and less fun than things that are fun.

Here are some examples.  You do not have to like the people being accused of all these things, but you cannot be calling people kkk who aren't, nazi and all that when it is unsubstantiated and false.  Your extrapolation of what the policies of these people may yield could point to all that racist, fascist stuff, but that does not make it so.   The exaggerated fears and constant hand wringing and hysterical pleas to stand up, resist and blablabla are so over the top.

No way to tell the hard core about this.  They think news is real, and that only the right wing outfits lie and mislead.  Why bother?

I see the same on the right.  Far less hysteria lately, and I hear the left complain about hostility but I have only seen left wing violence on any scale.  They punched a horse and I will hold a grudge for awhile.

Also, you can show a picture of a group of people walking down a dirt road, apparently in the middle of nowhere, but that does not really constitute proof that they just hopped across the Rio Grande at the border and are walking to the nearest sanctuary city.  The pictures show no context.  Just a dirt road, Mexican looking families walking, brush on either side, not much else.  Impossible to determine the location from that.  It could be anywhere, so beware those who may be trying to play you.

Just is not proof.  
And I am one who thinks we are idiots in how we handle immigration, and not one that leans toward the sanctuary city concept.   Most people here have no clue what it takes to legally reside in other countries and how they punish trespassers.  They don't even realize Mexico's immigration laws and enforcement are more draconian, by far, than our own.

But self hating Americans are in vogue.  Or think they are.  So, it matters not what you say, they claim America is evil, and they break it down by race.  Left hand politics are racist by definition.  It is their bread and butter--ginning up group hate, envy, anything to divide and anger.

I realize that what passes as the opposition is nuts.  That is troubling.  They, too, refuse to see that government and laws are not always the best way.  They can't imagine a freer setup.  They only imagine a setup in which they are able to enforce the stuff they are eager to prosecute.  

In reality, the border thing is a big smokescreen for harassing citizens without cause.  It is one thing to have the border crossing station and all that but another to have permanent roadblocks on major highways which do not ever even cross the border.  These are many miles away.  20, 60, and more.

Border patrol has no legitimate right to do this.  This is the federal government trying to run roughshod over the population.  In is wrong.  But the law and order dimwits who go all John Wayne at the dumbest times are probably blubbering a bunch of "oh thank you for your service!"

Well for those who man stations not anywhere near the border and ask citizens where they've been, where they are going, and why, No thanks for your disservice.  Clearly they, and the people who created this encroaching police state do not give a damn about the constitution or your rights.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Once and For All; Fidel Was Not Good

It boggles the mind to see these lengthy articles claiming that Fidel improved life for Cubans and was a great fighter for freedom and justice.  I won't belabor the point too much.

Go find the older Cubans in Miami, go somewhere and get a few facts.  Or just assume that Mao and Stalin did wonderful things, too and be an idiot until you end up on the wrong side of one of these great democracy warriors.

That's the left wing of American politics.  The real desire appears to be Castro-sty;e totalitarianism. So, quit pretending!!!  Just come out with it.  Oh, right, some already have.

Remember, Che and Raul, joked about the friendly competition with the firing squad purge, post revolution.  No mention is usually made that Cuba had ratified a constitution which Batista betrayed, and Castro was expected to restore.  Those who embraced his victory lap in Havana did not expect what they got.

But who cares.  Sub-standard health care for all, and even good healthcare for some.  The real cream of the crop would fly to Spain and elsewhere for really tricky stuff.  And now they say he cured homelessness and malnutrition among youth.  Really?   And birth defects---that is because they kill the defective.  Very high abortion rates.  And they are trying to rewrite it now so that Fidel is all rainbow excited and lbgtqrxyz friendly and probably trans gender.

It is beyond me what fuels the minds of the neo progressive kool aid factories.  I won't now jump to what these propaganda addled idiots consider the opposition, because what they call the opposition is no more sane than they are.

Opposition to both the left and right in this country is a belief in a constitutional republic with checks and balances.  A belief that our system is the best, so far, if you want to thwart totalitarianism, mob rule, and trendy knee-jerk reactions to alter laws and government on a whim.  

Neither side understands that you do not want your officials to have much power, no matter how wonderful they seem.  It is what you might call the systematic approach to governance rather than the cult of personality approach.

Few people I know get that distinction or why it is important.  That is why they are so easily lead, so easily fooled.  Plus the systemic approach, constitutional approach, if followed honorably, leaves little room for the bribes for votes pandering that has become the hallmark of our election circus.

I'm still in disbelief.  Because they think the "right" disliked Castro, they lie, and rewrite everything relevant to his life in order to make him a hero.    It is disgusting, really.  

How many of these people would be so supportive of these murderers if their loved ones were being brutalized, if they were thrown off their land and out of their house, if they were facing the firing squad because they knew the wrong people or worked some government job?

No, idiot progressives always think they will somehow be the elevated class; maybe lauded intellectuals, or somehow involved in enforcing the policies, not being the ones crushed.

It is beyond the 1984, Orwellian language.  Or maybe not. Maybe it is just starkly come to fruition.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Personality Cult Politics Doesn't Work

People who think if only we get the right autocrat in office, all will be well.  And if their pick fails to instantly make it how they like, due to Constitutional constraints occasionally observed by Congress and others in government, they get all worked up.

People wanted a personality cult with Obama.  Nothing irked them more than supposed republican opposition, even when the dems had both houses.   Now others are doing the personality cult with Trump, trying to pretend the unconstitutional things that have been discussed are irrelevant.   To a point they are.  All of a sudden, Democrats care about the Constitution.  So that bit of theater is fun.

Watching the rationalizing is not particularly heart warming.   But what is even less encouraging is the apparent lack of understanding regarding the purpose of our constitution.  It is as if those sworn to uphold it, in whom we place certain trust, have no inkling of how our form of government works and why it was designed as it is.

It was set up to be semi idiot-proof, resistant to whim of majority or otherwise, and not dependent upon the fancy of a monarch regarding procedure and limits.  But people have been doing their damnedest to bring us back to that sort of thing.  There are very powerful people who like totalitarian society.  Never ceases to amaze.

Like the popular heroes who praised Fidel's legacy and life.  So, in the spirit of Justin and Colin, I will also praise the accomplishments of our old pal, El Comandante.  Maybe that is how you spell it.

Fidel was addressing the obesity crisis in Cuba long before it became all the rage in the USA.  His tactic, for the good of his people, was to preemptively attack the problem.  Even before it occurred.  Genius.  Just impoverish them to the point where they cannot find enough food to get fat.  And make them like it.  If they complained he just put them in fat farms.  Some capitalist pigs called those prisons.

Those same pigs call the malcontents, "dissidents".   No, my friends, they had it coming.  Fidel made education free and 1930's level medicine free to the non party/non government population.  Free healthcare for all.  Some healthcare a little more equal than others.

If nothing else, he should be remembered for his forward thinking and actions regarding the global obesity crisis.  You set the example of how to turn a first world country into an out of this world 3rd world plus nation. You rocked it, and got away with almost every violent crime in the book.  Genius!

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