Wednesday, May 11, 2016

SoCal anomalies

A couple of things about the CA culture that stand out are the refusal to clearly post location information on websites for companies, and any event promotion.  There is a real aversion to making it very obvious.

The other thing is that people hate to tie things down in a way that secures the property even if that first skinny piece of string breaks.  They hate to be sure couches and refrigerators won't fall onto the highway.  Half the time they just keep going.  Someone else gets the goods.

If you listen to the traffic reports you can be alerted to good stuff in the road.  "On the 5 south [they always do that 'the' thing with roads] there's a couch in lanes, slowing traffic near the 805 split."  Or it may be an appliance.  Or even an engine block.  One day it was a differential.  The traffic guy knows his jetsam and flotsam.

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