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The Big Pretense; part 7122013//warning foul language, and bad mood

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.   Wait, the man behind the curtain today is a kangaroo!   That's because we are being exposed, and over-exposed, to judicial theater.  Trial by media, public opinion, and racial hatred.   Kangaroo court hopping all across the USA.  A case which ought not be at the forefront of SoCal news, considering it is in Sanford, Florida, and does not involve skinning people alive, mass murder, or even alleged hate crimes.

It is the epitome of pretense when a hispanic man, with some black blood, is labeled white because it gives those who trade on raising ethnic anger levels something to work with.    All of a sudden, a situation that no one witnessed is used to divide up camps and draw battle lines.

Everyone knows that if racial characteristics of the parties involved were different, we wouldn't be aware of the killing.  Just like the girl who got raped, skinned, tortured in NC some time ago, and the couple in TN not so long ago.  Jesse?  No word from him.  Al?  nothing---guess there was no way to incite the murder of a shop owner or frame some crackas for a rape they did not commit.

I'm so sick of people in this country being cowardly, ignorant and afraid to tell the truth when it comes to all this tribal bullshit.

I have no idea if Zimmerman should be put away or not.  I haven't seen, and don't want to, all the info on the incident.   I'm not going to watch a trial which I do not think should be televised, involving a case which has zero to do with me, mine, or a clear cut issue.  Oh, but Obama didn't know shit about it yet he had to pander and incite anger by weighing in with that comment about how if he had a son, he'd look like Trayvon.   If I had a son, he'd probably look like me.   Or a chicken...

The President has no business mouthing off like that. It is harmful and unprofessional, and shows a disregard for due process.  That is lynch mob mentality.  What a fuckwit.

If Barack had a son, he might look like his crazy ass white mother.

I used to think maybe he was a likable yet misguided guy.  Now I think he's hardcore corrupt and self-serving.   Not sure that he's any more vile than they rest, just better at screwing up the freedom of people disinterested in anything the state has to offer in the way of unearned cash,. contracts, useless job, whatnot.

He's an arrogant sociopath.  But then he's in the right field for that, and the right town.  If it serves his purpose, he thinks nothing of fueling the fires of hatred, not caring who or what is right.  Does it promote his power?  Then he's down with that.

I don't care how many mindless short sighted devotees the guy has.  Numbers do not make something or someone right.  That's what their idea of democracy looks like--numbers and might make right.  People really are dumb, in the aggregate.

But, because the big O made it clear he is happy to choose a side in this fight,--which ought to be a trial which attempts to discover truth---every hapless liberal and democrat have spent the last several months rationalizing why this guy they don't know should be fried for a crime they did not witness.  It has become part of the huffpost talking points and every fanatic idiot who loves a Big Brother state,  and Nancy Pelosi, is all invested in this trial and making it a racial nightmare.

The racial aspect is fiction.  NBC doctored the 911 recording to make it sound racial.  And the brilliant witness said creepy ass cracka is not a racial phrase, so there we have it. Nothing else hints at racial bias.

We pretend that it is OK, and not really racist, if black people talk that way.  After all, don't all white people carry lots of guilt even though a very tiny percentage of us have ancestors who had any connection at all to slavery, other than maybe dying in the civil war.  Probably more of us have ancestors that were slaves than slave owners, considering the romans and different groups did a lot of that.  They'd nab Druids and such.  Christians for awhile.  That thought eases my guilt.

Stupid people think that the way to make it all right is to just assign the rights to abuse people based on race from one race to another.  Pretty much that is what guilty white masochists are attempting.  They are arrogant enough to believe they have that power.  They would probably deny it, but actions and The Record tell the tale.

You can't end racial tensions by saying, "hey we were not nice, so why don't you give white people a ration of abuse, one way or another, but of course I'm to be excluded because I say things like "dog whistle" to alert you to secret racist phrases like,  'I disagree with him'."

Unbelievable.  Psychopathic, and sociopathic behavior is now the norm.  Pretend long enough and that is how it goes.

On the other side, conservative pundits are lining up behind Zimmerman--once an Obama supporter (wonder if he still is).  Geez, they are doing just what the dems are doing but they aren't crying for blood. I think they are making such a deal in order to cause further strife should the morons and party animals decide to riot.   Then if someone isn't treated like a prince while rioting, they'll riot over that and Al will come down and act indignant and we can all be fucking victims.

Jesus H etc.!!!  I get it that for some reason the dems and Al are all excited because they can pull a form of extortion using all these threats about rioting, and those who never met a black person but carry 17 tons of white guilt can get some relief.  Chris Matthews will be in heaven giving insane reasons why the riots are so justified and how it is the result of all the dog whistles.    I think he believes that black people won't hurt him if he calls everyone a racist and shows clear signs of wanting to be Obama's sex slave and bitch.

The only thing worse than self appointed racial leaders like Jesse are whites who try to hijack trumped up racial outrage.  Such phonies.

It is so obviously political, and, in a country of presumed innocence, rule of law, protection of rights, this situation is wrong and dangerous.  Allowing trials to be a media circus. and allowing insane political agendas to drive it in the first place will not result in a better country.

It would be so easy to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,  and find yourself in big trouble, on the news, and on the receiving end of Al Sharpton's sociopathic propaganda.

Maybe no one in the media has ever been sucker punched, blind sided and knocked down.  I have, and I can tell you, you don't think to yourself, "Am I in real danger here?  Just what degree of defense or force is warranted?"   You pick up anything--a brick, a knife, a vile of acid, anything--and do what you can to get free.  If you can take an eye out, you do.  It is fast.

I do not know if that was the case, but I have seen nothing to prove otherwise, and don't believe they've mentioned that there was proof.  In the USA that means you cannot be sent up the river.  Well, it used to be that they at least talked a good game.  Now we just put it on tv and choose sides.

OJ gets off.  No riots.  Why didn't white people riot and decry the lopsided black on white crime situation?   If Zimmerman gets off, we all expect riots.  Explain the rationale.

It is all the big pretense.  We'll pretend the majority, or a very high percentage, of blacks do not hate whites and aren't racist.

Really must suck for those who don't live their lives seeking racial conflict and violence.  But why keep pretending?  Something is wrong when everyone knows a white guy like me would probably be dead or very much the worse for wear were I to go to almost any predominately black neighborhood.

The reverse is not even close to the same risk.  Everyone knows it, yet we pretend it is some other way, or the guilty dolts, who are the real racists, make excuses to avoid holding certain people accountable for their behavior.

I never was one who insisted that OJ was guilty.  I wasn't there, and refused to watch that trial circus.

There have been too many people harmed by these kangaroo courts designed to further some political agenda or other corruption.  All the Johnny Sutton prosecutions of border patrol and such, Lt Behenna, etc.  Those were done to please assholes in other countries; dickhead mexican officials,in Sutton's cases, and the taliban or some other insane superstitious muslim nutcases in Behenna's case as well a others.   No telling how many such cases there have been.  It only screws up the lives of a few who don't deserve it.  No big deal.

That's how we roll.  "Oh, please don't riot.  We'll ignore the law, logic and procedure just to appease you and to pretend that your punk ass posturing and threats somehow constitute a reasonable approach. And we'll apologize too.  Just tell us what for."

The hell of it is, if Martin had shot Zimmerman, with or without cause, we'd never have heard of it.  If he'd buggered him at gunpoint then dismembered him while he was still alive, we'd have heard nothing. This pretend bullshit is dangerous and wrong.  You don't have to have a real strong moral fiber to know that.  Unless you've become so good at pretending that you believe your own bullshit, and that which we keep being fed.

OK.  In case you don't know; typical dumbass democrats, you are for Zimmerman getting strung up.  Typical dumbass republicans, you are for acquittal.  All you need to know is that.  Screw the fact that you weren't there, have no dog in the fight, or other reason to be involved.  It is your duty as a mindless sheep to follow your team.  Otherwise you won't be cool.

I am so amazed that people don't see the big con being played by everyone who controls those with badges and gun, or controlling those who control.  And if they do they get pissed off at me for my rebellious attitude toward the process of totalitarianism, fascism, etc., which is what we have created here.  It is probably a type of fascim--corporate-government partnership.  Never ever buy the benign lies and smile if they are accompanied by talk of business and government partnering.  It is bullshit.

I'll explain why another time.  If you can't see it, I suppose talking to you is a waste of time anyway.  F-off, comrade

Not much is real

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