Thursday, April 14, 2016

Did I Coin This Election Word?

The way my life works I am often driving during presidential debate hours, so I catch it on the radio.  I  managed to catch parts of a few of the many republican debates and some of the democratic debates, too.  Even when that space holder no one knows was pretending to run.

There have been the usual claims of what politicians are going to do for people and the universe, in general. n They pretend they are scientists, thugs, theologians, whatever you want.  They will fix any number of crises, and everything is a crisis.

They use words like "crisis" and "broken".  Immigration system is broken.  Prison system is broken.  Bernie said so tonight.  I beg to differ.

Our prison system is not broken at all.  That's the trouble.  It is alive and whole and hyperactive.  It is nuts.   People just take for granted that the proper way to handle a thief or someone who ingests stuff without a doctor's permission is to lock them in a cage.  I find that a questionable assumption.  It is what we have done forever but maybe it is time to change the approach.

On that, I agree with the Bern.  Although I am sure he can't leave it at that without using it somehow to hijack the resources of others for causes he deems worthy.  Even so, he is the first that suggested overhauling that system from the ground up.  Prisons are primitive and have shown to foster violence and crime.  It is small minded to think that it is cool that someone you hate is getting man raped in prison.  People even laugh about it or express their wish for it to happen to whomever.   That will never fix anything.  Most people do not rate prison.  That is for another time though.

Who knows.  We use prisons far too much and for far too flimsy reasons.  Immigration system is not broken.  It is insanely corrupt and its rules have been selectively enforced, if enforced at all.  Things get perverted.  Prisons-- how they are used now-- seem as much tools to terrorize and contain the populace as to actually do anything to specifically deter criminals.

The "oh thank for your service" automatons who drool over anyone in uniform, especially if they have guns, are so sure that their groveling and conviction that they have nothing to hide make official abuse OK.  Those people never see the wrong in humans owning or controlling other humans by force until it bites them.

There is some truth to their defense along the lines of, "If you don't trust cops, next time you are up against a mugger, call a hippie.".  Of course, when you are up against a mugger, calling either one is not likely to do much good.  Being  a bad ass, or armed in some way is best.  It would be even better if you could shoot the intruder without a bunch of nonsense prosecution or lies by people saying the victim could be some famous person's son due to skin color and other total bunk.

Anyway, a word just popped into my mind tonight which describes the campaigns and the debates:

Seriously.   They compete to see who can promise everyone more something for nothing, or distract them by promising to ruin the lives of "the wealthy".  

It is pander city over there on the panderosa with a cast of characters scary enough to make Hop Sing pack it up and take his chances back on the railroad.

If they aren't describing give aways funded by tax money, promising to charge only the evil people for whatever it is, they are pandering to other insecurities, prejudices and ignorance.  The idea that white people are riding on a resurgence of racism, for example.  If you wanted to be scientific, I think you would find that, per capita, white people are the least racist and xenophobic of all the subgroups.

That is why we invented "white privilege".  Facts are messy.  Let us just go for the ugly abstract theory that by their very existence white people inflict untold hurt on everyone else, and women.  Not only insane, It's the law!  Check government contract bids where they say preference given to "minorities and women".  Men have to be divvied up by race but women can just be women.

The whole lot are pandering to various groups of small minded, foolish people.  Those who want to punish everyone else.  Those who hate anyone with a brain, or money, or no money.  Something for everyone on the Panderosa.

It will only get more intense until November.  And soon, the new president will find ways to kill more people and spawn the stupidest internet treatises both in support of, and opposed to the administration.

Still, what is wrong with people who think these proposed tax hikes won't screw them.  These various intrusions on people's property usually screws middle class who had a shot at some inheritance and who suffer from many of the sticky fingered regulations these politicians put in place.  They always build themselves a way out.

People go for it.  Envy and sloth are the easiest qualities to play on in this game.  People are too lazy to really look into things far enough to get the truth, and they are too insecure to resist having some group to blame for their hardships just because that group seems to have some wealth or brains or other perceived advantage.

In the Panderosa republic people are perfectly happy to embrace an all-powerful state just as long as they think only others will be oppressed and that they may benefit.  It took me many, many years to finally accept the fact that A: People are less intelligent than one would hope.  And B:  Even most intelligent people are too emotionally screwed up to be comfortable not being able to force their personal life choices onto others.  They find excuses to rationalize it.

Whole lot of pandering going on


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