Wednesday, April 20, 2016

If You Want It To Be, Create It!!

That almost describes what I was thinking.  For example, people can posture all they want about "alternative fuels" and this and that, somehow confusing the ability to subsidize, punish, and regulate with the ability to invent or create.

It is a waste to argue the point with people.   They either like the coercive aspects of government's involvement in research and development, and energy creation and use, or they don't.  I am one who does not.  Through all the official boasting of how their regulations have resulted in improvement, true progress in fields like energy is retarded by our government and those who direct it.  They will milk every dime out of the status quo, as they quietly lay siege to emerging markets and technologies.

Then, like we have seen many times in the last twenty years, they will pretend to be cutting edge crusaders.  They will also enjoy government subsidies and other market manipulation in their favor.

Whatever.  To the point.  Trying to identify and accept reality is not easy these days.  And I think I know why.

It is that "it"factor.  But it could work to advantage.  I have another plan.

I realize since I cannot even describe the sort of thing that happens, allegedly due to an inner malady, there is no point even discussing it when I can help it.  It does pose some challenges.  Not nearly as troublesome as what most people seem to endure.  No wonder humanity is so pissed off---they are mostly beset by pain and limitation.  

I think there is a tendency to personalize happenstance as some conspiracy against us, or a punishment.   Kind of a ritual in which people pretend that they don't know what we do, and visa versa.   I almost said, "we".  That presumes a lot when people say "we".  I resent it when people speak for everyone.  Then again, maybe they only mean the ones legitimately on board with their agenda.

The best one can do, in some cases, is to avoid looking in the mirror, in order to dodge relentless self-condemnation.  Or if one is really fortunate, finding some other way to react which is more enjoyable.

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