Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Real Blues Are To Be Feared and Avoided

When you think about it, there is a sort of status connected to suffering physical ills, abuse from the white devils, the injustice of the Man and his minions, etc.  My blues are bluesier than yours.  That is the name of the game, and the most battered, hopeless, politically correct victim wins.

Never mind. After that paragraph, forget thinking about it.  We've now moved on.  What the real deal is that hopelessness can be fatal.  I think sometimes people off themselves, not because they don't want to live, but because, for some reason, they can't seem to make themselves do, with any confidence, what life requires.  No control.  Oddly paralyzed. Invisibly.

So, what can be controlled is that one can purposely kick the bucket.  Some induce that state of affairs with various weapons, potions, and mechanical contraptions and means.

Those are the ones who really have the blues. They got it so bad they can only hit the exit. Can't even sing about it or put it to music.

Whatever this is, it is not the easiest.
Not the toughest, and shouldn't be hopeless.  Should, or not, there is a ton of that floating around today.

Just have to remember, It is probably a lie.  Surprising how hard that is at times.  You sit there with bad feelings, no energy to fix stuff, and whatever your mind is doing is exacerbating the problem.  I try to remember, What's the one thing I meant to remember?  I can't think of it.  Everything feels like aloof, dispassionate, sad and hopeless.  Sharp mindedness does not seem to accompany hopelessness.

Now I remember; The worst feelings and the senseless stagnation are the result of inner lies.  But if you're not careful, buying in to those lies can make them come true.

It Really Must Be An Adios Kind of Deal

When you let it all get too far away from you, there is no catching up. When you clearly see that, hope evaporates. For that reason, I would advise newer lives to diligently ensure that two things are done.

First, do not let things go forever undone.

And secondly, guard your ignorance with your life.

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