Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Evolving Language: part 7252012

If you think the previous posts were about my new skid plate, you are wrong wrong wrong.

Obviously, I was referring to autopilot, and the wisdom of hopping in the back seat for a nap while cruising the interstate when you feel a little drowsy. Anyone who suggests I was talking about skid plates and oil recycling at WalMart is clearly a racist.

Speaking of racist, I had to almost stop completely to let a herd of turkeys cross the highway near Descanso. The first couple would have made it had I only slowed a little. Most of the other eight would have been rendered lifeless. They had that look like, "I know this is a bad idea, but we are following them. That is our number one job, even if it kills us."

I didn't realize turkeys were into single file travel. Maybe it is only when they cross the street. That way, if the leader misjudges, some will survive. If they all crossed in a big clump, then if one gets hit, chances are, most will.

In the rear view mirror I noticed three rebels who held back until I passed by. Then they scampered in single file across the road to catch the others. The car about a tenth of a mile back had to slow a bit.

It is odd that he did that. In california, the normal procedure if a car is entering the highway ahead is to speed up drastically. These people are polite to turkeys and rabbits, rude to one another. Are we the only species that treats other species better than our own? I tend to think so.

I did have that urge to test my new skid plate, but A) I don't eat turkey, and B) I don't know if that is grounds for arrest and jail time in CA. Some guy was on trial for picking on an opossum (in speech, I always say "possum") and posting it on youtube. I don't know if he killed it or merely bullied the creature.

Not nice, but is it worth the thousands of dollars court costs? And and the cost of room and board in jail? Not that I think jail is a nice place. I'm looking at relative costs to humanity here. Maybe they gave him community service hours in a rescue home or soup kitchen for rodents and prehistoric marsupials.

Either way, you probably don't know I was just discussing dodge ball, which would mean you are a...

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